Heated Concrete Flooring

Heated concrete floors

Heated concrete floors offer a resilient and luxurious floor finish for contemporary living.

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The heat-retention properties of polished concrete make it an ideal floor finish for heating with a radiant floor heating solution.

in-slab cable system

If you are installing a concrete floor as part of a new-build project, our In-Slab Cable System is an ideal electric floor heater choice. It is installed directly within a 2″-4″ layer of concrete and its slower heat-up and cool down times make it perfect for rooms in constant use.

StickyMat System

If you are renovating an electric floor heating system onto an existing concrete floor or subfloor, the StickyMat System is a suitable system to use as it offers a low-profile installation, having little-to-no impact on floor build-up.

Under concrete floor heating

Due to their high thermal-mass, concrete floors are ideal to be heated by an underfloor heating system. Concrete provides quick heat-up times and retains heat well, even storing the warmth produced by solar gain, making a heated polished concrete floor a great option to improve the comfort and warmth of your home.

Installing radiant heating with concrete floors

The installation of heated concrete floors varies system to system. Always ensure you are working with an experienced professional who has reviewed the product literature.

It is recommended to install a floor heating system with insulation to reduce heat loss and enhance the energy-efficiency of the system, so the first step will be to install a layer of Warmup insulation. Depending on the system used, the cables will be suspended or laid directly on the insulation boards. Never switch your heating system on while the concrete is curing as this will cause damage. Once fully dried, the concrete can be polished if desired.