Knee RX Matting

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  • The Knee RX Kneeling Mat provides a comfortable work space for people who has kneel a lot to do their work.
  • Each Mat is 12" x 22" x 1" thick for both standard and HD versions.
  • Designed for extreme kneeling applications such as gravel, asphalt, concrete, tile, and wood flooring, Knee RX Kneeling Mat offers ergonomic support by reducing trauma and by easing stress and strain on the knees and lower back.
  • Perfect for tool and maintenance carts, or for individual workstations, Knee RX is made from a nitrile/PVC foam blend offering high resistance to oils and greases, and is a full 1" thick for the ultimate in comfort. The 951 HD version offers a durable heavy-duty rubber bottom surface for long-lasting wear in the roughest environments.
  • The Knee RX Kneeling Mats consist of self extinguishing, non-conductive, silicone free material.
  • The Knee RX Kneeling Mats are extremely comfortable and durable in extreme kneeling applications.
  • The Knee RX Kneeling Mats contain durable laminated heavy-duty rubber bottom surface for additional comfort and long-lasting wear in rough environments (#951 Knee RX HD only).
  • The Knee RX Kneeling Mats' built-in handle is easy to carry or hang up.
  • The Knee RX Kneeling Mats are excellent for use on gravel, asphalt, concrete, dirty/oily surfaces, tile , wood flooring, metal grating, and on grass.
  • The Knee RX Kneeling Mats are available in Black color
Knee Matting