Ultra Tread Anti-Fatigue Matting


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Ultra Tread Anti-Fatigue Matting is made of coated vinyl foam that is dense, yet soft, to create a comfortable surface underfoot. This anti-fatigue matting is perfect commercial and industrial environments as well as other high traffic walkways.

Ultra Tread Anti-Fatigue Matting features a cushioning vinyl foam with a tough polyurethane coating to make the soft and long-lasting. This matting significantly reduces strain put on active workers lower back and limbs from hard flooring by acting as a soft barrier between the floor and workers’ feet. Its durable construction makes this matting perfect for commercial and industrial areas with regular activity.

This matting is available in two embossed patterns, textured and diamond, which gives it an attractive appearance and better traction. This texture combined with the tough and firm vinyl foam construction creates an underfoot comfort, providing relief to workers who are constantly on their feet throughout the day. The vinyl foam is coated with a tough polyurethane, making Ultra Tread Anti-Fatigue Matting so durable that it can withstand constant rough use.

Material Vinyl Inner and Polyurethane Outer
Construction Coated Foam
Face Style Textured or Ribbed Pattern
Face Fibre Polyurethane
Backing Vinyl
Edging Bevelled
Application Indoor Areas with Heavy Traffic
Custom Sizes Available
Total Height 9.5mm (3/8")
Lenear Feet 2',3',4',6'
  •  Ideal for indoor environments with heavy traffic
  •  Workstations
  •  Industrial areas
  •  Counterspaces
  •  Registers


    This durable matting is constructed with a vinyl materialwhich allows us to cut the mats to the exact size that you need. Custom sized mats can be ordered online in linear feet as shown above. Or you can contact us at sales@canadamats.ca with your requirements.


    These foam mats provide extra cushion and comfort underfoot


    This anti-fatigue matting is made of coated vinyl foam that is dense, yet soft, to create a comfortable surface underfoot. It has a pebble finish and is perfect for industrial and commercial applications.

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    These mats are constructed of two layers, a solid vinyl surface and a vinyl foam, to create a comfortable surface underfoot. The embossed vinyl surface texture prevents the mats from collecting dirt and debris.

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    Super Cushion Anti-Fatigue Mats are constructed of two layers to create a comfortable and durable surface underfoot. These mats are perfect commercial and industrial environments.

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    Productivity and comfort benefits

    Comfortable non-slip surfaces

    Perfect for commercial and industrial applications