Comfort Craft Salon Mats

Lead Time: 1-2 Weeks
As low as CA$114.99
Rhino Mats

Comfort Craft Anti-fatigue Mats are made out of polyurethane and are designed to improve the hair professional's productivity by reducing stress and fatigue via improving blood circulation in feet, legs, knees and back.

  • Anti-fatigue salon mats offer an optimal balance between compression and resistance with its carefully polyurethane engineered sponge which absorbs and disperses shock and provides the necessary stability support all while offering superior performance and durability.
  • With its polyurethane top surface ,comfort craft salon mats offer high resistance to punctures from cuts, tears, heels and cart traffic.
  • Good blood circulation is the cornerstone of a healthy life. muscle tone and blood circulation reduce the risk of developing varicose veins or increasing the severity of an existing condition. That is why the productivity of hair salon professionals will be improve with the use of these mats
  • These  mats have a thickness of 3/4". Although 3' x 5' size is available in 1/2" thick only.
  • They are available in black color only.  
                Style                                          Size                                            Weight                          
Shampoo Mat  2' x 3'  x 3/4"  10 lb
Hexagon  3' x 5' x 3/4"  23 lb
Hexagon  4' x 5' x 3/4"  30 lb
Semi- circle  3' x 5' x 3/4" 23 lb
Rectangle  3' x 5'x 3/4" 25lb
Hexagon 3' x 5'x 1/2" 10 lb