Safe-Flex Anti-Slip Gritted Workstation Kit
Safe-Flex Anti-Slip Gritted Workstation Kit
Safe-Flex Anti-Slip Gritted Workstation Kit
Safe-Flex Anti-Slip Gritted Workstation Kit

Safe-Flex Anti-Slip Gritted Workstation Kit


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  • Ultimate solution for high-traffic zones, ensuring every step is secure
  • Reduces slip-related incidents, prioritizing worker safety and confidence
  • Built to withstand heavy use, providing consistent traction over time

We created Safe Flex in three different sizes that cover the most common workstation needs across several industries. It’s all of the benefits of our best in class matting, arriving to you in pre-packaged and easy-to-install kits.

Our innovative Compression Flex Technology is designed to give you the ergonomic advantage of improved blood flow to reduce fatigue, with the added protection of shock absorption to lower stress. The advanced Versatile Interlock System allows for ease and efficiency during installation. Our tile is manufactured with 100% Recycled PVC for waste reduction and prevention.

Most aggressive grit on the market made of silicone carbide provides excellent anti-slip properties from oils and lubricants, class 1 fire resistant, and ergonomic support!

Material Recycled PVC
Aluminum Oxide Grit Surface
TEAR STRENGTH (ASTM D624) 303 lbs/in
TENSILE STRENGTH (ASTM D412) Stress: 1630 PSI Strain: 150%
FLAMMABILITY 0.61 watts/cm2 = Class 1 fire resistant
DIMENSIONS 18 in x 18 in x 1 in
WEIGHT 7.5 lbs

Excellent for dry areas such as assembly lines, inspection stations, and machining areas

  • Configures easily to work environments
  • Provides excellent support
  • Easy to clean and maintain
Slip-Free, Eco-Friendly Design
Made with 100% Recycled PVC

Engineered from 100% recycled PVC, this eco-conscious choice offers more than just environmental benefits.

The embedded grit ensures a stable footing, minimizing the risk of slip-related incidents. At the same time, its durable composition stands up to the demands of everyday use.

With Safe-Flex, create a workspace where safety isn't just an option, but a standard.

Stepping into Safer Spaces
Trusted Traction for Diverse Areas

Designed for areas that can't afford a slip-up, from bustling kitchens to dynamic warehouses, this mat secures each step.

Its gritted surface maximizes grip, reducing accidents and boosting confidence that's ideal for:

✅ Manufacturing assembly lines
✅ Workshop floors
✅ Loading docks
✅ Warehouse walkways
✅ Garage and mechanic bays

Providing a comfortable and safe workspace

Safe Flex Mats

A prime choice for those who prioritize safety, it's the go-to solution for ensuring steady footing.

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