Parquet Wiper Outdoor Entrance Mats


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  • Designed to endure and perform regardless of the weather conditions
  • Seamlessly fit into a multitude of outdoor settings, ensuring cleanliness and safety
  • Does not only excel in trapping dirt and moisture but are also easy to clean and maintain
Parquet Wiper Outdoor Entrance Mats
Parquet Wiper Outdoor Entrance Mats

With an attractive parquet design the Parquet Wiper Scraper Entrance Mats effectively wipes away mud, grime and dirt off from shoes. Ideal and effective entrance mat solution for the fight against dirt, the Parquet Wiper Scraper Entrance mat will prevent debris from entering your office space, protecting your interiors and keep it safe and accessible for your customers and employees alike. 

With its 100% nitrile rubber construction, Parquet Wiper Scraper Entrance Mats are ideal for heavy duty outdoor use. Parquet Wiper Scraper Outdoor rubber doormat will hold twice the amount of dirt and water as a conventional scraper mat.

Material Rubber
Construction Moulded
Edging Bevelled
Application Commercial Entrance
Sizes Available 2' x 3' and 3' x 5'

This wiper mat can be used in

  • Entrances
  • Production areas
  • Break Rooms
  • Kitchens
  • Vending Machines
  • Water Fountains
  • Ice Machines
Parquet Wiper Outdoor Entrance Mats Care Instructions
Designed to withstand
100% Nitrile Rubber

Our Parquet Wiper Outdoor Entrance Mats exemplify strength, crafted from 100% nitrile rubber, renowned for its durability and resilience.

Designed to endure various weather conditions, these mats stand as a robust barrier between dirt, moisture, and your clean interiors.

Where Strength Meets Versatility
A Fit for All Outdoors

Crafted from 100% nitrile rubber, these mats offer unmatched durability and resistance to weather conditions.

Wherever you place them, these mats bring strength and versatility to the forefront, maintaining the integrity of your outdoor spaces while managing high foot traffic with grace.

✅ Commercial Building Entrances
✅ Hotel Lobbies
✅ Outdoor Shopping Malls
✅ School and University Entrances
✅ Sports Facility Exteriors
✅ Restaurant and Cafe Outdoors

Made to Impress

Entrance Mats

Experience the perfect combination of style and functionality with our flagship entrance mats. These mats are made with top-grade materials that not only create an aesthetically pleasing entrance but also excel in keeping areas clean.


Sourced and designed to last in Canada, these mats stand up to the heaviest of usage.

Entrances such as the Vancouver Waterfront Station that sees millions of people walk through their doors each day, have now used Canada Mats to protect their floor for many years.

Entrances graced and elevated by canada mats

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