A Guide to Buying the Best Sports Mats

Sports mats are essential for all athletic activities requiring ground stability and durability. To get the best performance and reliability from your sports mats, you must consider what type of sporting event or activity you need. In addition, each mat will support a different exercise intensity and be used for other sports.



Canada Mats have different types of sports mats; Cheerleading, Gymnastics, Martial Arts, Wrestling, and Sports Puzzle Mats such as Gym/flooring that will suit your needs.

To have a wider perspective, here is a short guide to buying the best sports mats:

Evaluate the Surface

When determining which sports mats are best for your home or facility, it is essential to consider the activity you would like to take place to ensure the surface provides a safe place for training and performance. For example, landing zones for floor exercises such as gymnastics, cheerleading, and martial arts tend to require a reliable core or support system with shock-absorbing materials, and carpet surfaces designed specifically for each activity listed above may differ in material composition. However, they could all be used to create a safe training environment.



Ensure safety

When you practice any sport or engage in physical activity, there is a risk of injury. Unfortunately, accidents can happen unexpectedly, no matter how careful or well-disciplined you are. Sports mats are not just another training accessory to add on; they are a precautionary safety measure that will protect athletes against bumps and bruises.



Consider the Size

The mat size is essential when you're looking to buy one. The standard mats on the market typically range from 4'x6' to 6'x10'. Purchasing a sports mat is all about choosing what works best for you. The mats will come in thicknesses of 1-3/8" to 1½". But if you're going for superior performance, consider buying a 2" mat. Canada Mats offers a wide selection of sports mats depending on the needs.



The best sports mats provide excellent performance, reliability, comfort, and safety for all athletes. The key is knowing your team and organization's needs from these mats to select the best ones for the job. Our guide will help you do that whether you are buying sports mats for a high school or professional stadium, a home gym, or any other application.