Why Canadian designed Hotflake Heated Mats are the best in the market?

heated mat- snow flake pattern heated stair mats
Canada Mats is proud to present HOTflake heated mats in the market. These snow melting mats are not only designed in Canada specifically for the harsher Canadian winter but they are of highest quality and durability and have passed Canadian stringent standards for safety.They are also approved for the North America and Europe by TUV Rhineland. These heated mats come with a patented beautiful 4’/25”snow flake design which are not only aesthetically appealing but are also functional as their raised pattern provide higher traction and ensures further safety. With HOTflake snow melting systems, now people can feel safe without the fear of slipping and falling and enjoy the snow as they can easily walk and move around their homes, workplaces, driveways and other places they visit. Moreover people can also avoid the backache and pains associated with snow shovelling as they now don’t have to do it as these snow melting mats can melt snow at the rate of 2 inches of snow per hour. If you plug in these heated mats before the snow falls, then the snow will not accumulate as the snow flake will melt upon contact. Canada Mats has heated stairway mats, heated walkway mats, heated door mats and even heated driveway mats from HOTflake. Yes, these heated mats are strong enough to withstand the heavy weight of cars, SVU’s etc. and can be safely used on driveways.
Heated Driveway Mats Heated Driveway Mats
Furthermore, these heated mats and their electrical system is encased out of 100% moulded virgin rubber which provides greater protection against water infiltration and eliminates the chance of electrical shock and short circuiting. Other heated mats are made out of nylon and rubber which when stitched together can create a hole which can allow water to penetrate through. Moreover, these snow melting mats screw together instead of push and plug which further ensures safety against water infiltration. HOTflake heated mats are very versatile and functional as they can be used anywhere and can be used on wheelchair ramps, entrances to senior homes and hospitals, walkways or stairways to pools, saunas and spas, and even office buildings to avoid the accumulation of hazardous snow.
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Up to 4 120V heated walkway mats or 8 240V heated walkway mats or 10 120V heated stair mats or 15 240V heated stair mats can be connected to one GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) which is very important to connect this snow melting systems into an electric outlet.