What to do with that old Yoga mat

So you've decided it's about time to invest in a new yoga mat. Now that the sun earlier and longer everyday you notice yourself waking up earlier and having more time in the morning to invest in yourself. Maybe you've noticed that old mat you've had for however many years is starting to roll on the corners a little and just not have that new yoga mat smell you would like. With your internet browser open you've found that new shiny mat which will really jump-start your resolve to pickup your daily practice again. So what should you do with your old yoga mat? Well, you can't just throw it away, that would be wasteful. With the current state of the environment we can't just add the amount of material used in a yoga mat to the landfills of the world. There are defiantly options to donate your old mat, but maybe you can up-cycle it into something useful for yourself or your home. We came up with a top 6 list of things you can convert your old mat into!

6. Stop a larger area rug from slipping on hard floors by putting your yoga mat underneath it

A large area rug can make any space look great. It adds warmth to any room and can really compliment the design of your room. But if your area rug slips around every time someone steps on it, it can quickly become an annoyance. Take that old Yoga mat and put it under the middle of your area rug, the rubber will grip the floor and the top surface will grip the rug to make it stay put from now on!

5. Cut out 3 inch circles for beautiful coasters!

With a good pair of scissors, garden shears or a utility knife and a careful hand you can cut out some circles in your old mat and make coasters your guests will love! Just trace a circle using a small bow or large mug and carefully cut out to make these great pieces.

4. Great placemats in any shape you please

With a little creativity and your old mat you can cut out a shape in a bright color your kids will love. The best part is they wipe clean in no time at all!

3. A stylish bulletin board

This can be a great addition to a workspace, a nice bright color on your wall with pictures, to do lists, shopping lists and anything else you might want to pin.

2. Stylish hot or cold drink coozie

At the next BBQ or family get together hand out these great coozies with anyones cold drinks. For an average sized can you can cut a 4 inch strip of mat off and wrap it around the can, then with either some strong glue or a needle and thread attach the ends. Once finished you can add a bottom piece!

1. An amazing, protective laptop/tablet sleeve!

This laptop sleeve will not only look great, but it could save your device from being dropped. With the thickness of the rubber / foam of the mat it will cushion your treasured device from nasty falls. You'll need a strong glue or needle and thread if you want it to be really tough. If you decide to sew it look for some upholstery thread to keep your sleeve as tough as possible. Well thats it, we've went over some great ideas to save your old mat from hitting the landfill. Now that you've read all of these your probably about ready to replace your old mat with something new, if thats the case head on over to canadamats.ca. Here's a rundown of the range of Yoga Mat products we carry:

Yoga Mat Athletic Matting

Our basic value mat will do the job if you just need a bare-bones mat. It comes in dark blue and will add comfort to your workout.

Reversible Soft Yoga Mat

For more comfort and color options see our reversible yoga mats, they are 9mm thick for a comfortable firm foam. They are available in Pink/Purple and Red/Blue.

Fitness Anti-Fatigue Mats

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