What Is the Purpose of Door Mats?

A door mat is a great way to greet clients and add to the design of your business, but it's also a necessary and traditional way to maintain your facility clean and safe. Three reasons to use a door mat are as follows:

1. A Door Mat Covers An Area Of Potential Risk 

The majority of slip and fall accidents happen around entrances and exits. This could be due to the quantity of dirt and moisture tracked into a structure, or it could be because customers enter and quit your store more quickly than they linger. In either case, the risk of slipping and falling near your entry necessitates the use of a door mat. A mat should be placed outside and directly inside your entryway to eliminate the greatest risk.

If your business's front door mat is a "wiper-scraper," then the inside mat can simply be a "wiper" styled mat. The texture and function of the mat surface distinguishes these two mat designs. A wiper-scraper has a stronger, harder tread that wipes and scrapes dirt from the bottoms of shoes. The tread on a wiper is slightly less harsh.

2. Interior Dirt And Debris Tracking Is Reduced


As previously stated, appropriate door mats can decrease dirt entering your building by up to 90%. This is crucial even if you are getting a door mat for your home. Simply putting suitable door mats to catch and trap dirt and debris dragged in by foot traffic would save you and your team a lot of time you'd otherwise spend sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping in terms of cleanliness.

This dirt trapping also helps to keep potential risks out of your building. When a business or home does not have door mats, the likelihood of dirt and moisture being tracked into the interior space is substantially higher. Slip, trip, and fall accidents are common in places with slick dirt or standing water.

3. Visual appeal


We'd be negligent if we didn't mention that gorgeous door mats make any establishment feel more hospitable. You'll make a good first impression as a business owner if you use a high-quality, aesthetically pleasing mat that can hold dirt and moisture without seeming filthy. A door mat is practically standard as a homeowner, and it creates a welcoming ambiance that makes visitors feel welcomed, comfortable, and confident that they won't track a mess inside your home.