What is The Best Thickness for an Exercise Mat?

Exercise mats are a helpful workout accessory, providing cushioning and support for both your machine & your body, and even protection for the floor beneath you. The best exercise equipment mats are designed to make your fitness routine comfortable and can be used for treadmills, exercise bikes, elliptical machine, or really anything in between.

With so many different exercise equipment mats available, it’s a good idea to narrow down your options based on your needs. And the first things to consider are how thick and large it is:

Thickness: To decide on a mat thickness, think about the types of exercises that you will be doing. A standard treadmill mat is usually the thinnest exercise mat and is typically about 0.125 of an inch thick (or approximately three millimeters). General fitness mats are thicker and usually at least half an inch and are great for floor-based exercises like sit-ups. For those looking for extra comfort, you can find foam mats which are an inch or more thick.

Size: If you plan on taking your mat to the gym or with you when you travel, a more compact mat that is easy to fold or roll up might be your best pick. However, if you plan on keeping the mat in your home gym, a large mat that covers more space might be a desirable option. There are even mats that act like puzzle pieces so you can customize the size depending on your needs.

Once you’ve decided the thickness and size that works best for you, consider the added perks some exercise mats come with like handles for easy carrying or a non-skid texture to help with slipping. You’ll also definitely want a mat that is moisture-resistant for easy cleaning, and you should consider if a waterproof mat would be a nice perk for you.