Upcycle.. Recycle.. Make Beautiful Rugs!

We’re tree huggers... as is evident with the many eco-friendly coir doormats we have at Canada Mats. Let’s get down to the facts - we have one earth and it’s the only home we have, the only one our kids will have. Let’s take a pledge to make it safe.. for us and for future generations. Start with doing the right things like recycling and/or upcycling the things you have to create works of art and utilitarian objects. And since Canada Mats is all about doormats and other flooring solutions, we take this opportunity to give you some ideas on how you can upcycle/recycle things you would otherwise throw away and create... these amazing rugs! Get gorgeous looking rugs for your floors for less, save the earth and get the chance to showcase your mad DIY skills. Woven Wool Rug This lovely rug is made from leftover chunky wool. It's the simplest of projects to make for the home — and an economical way to recycle remnants of yarn. Woven Wollen Rug Tutorial Woven Wool Rug Crochet Rag Rug from Old T-shirts Do not throw away those old tshirts. Crochet them into this beautiful rag rug. Crochet Rag Rug Tutorial. Crochet rug from tshirts Braided T-shirt Rug If you are not that into crocheting, then how about braiding yourself a rug from the old tshirts.. anyway is fine because both ways you end up with a gorgeous rug! Braided Tshirt Tutorial weaved-t-shirt-rug-f Wine Cork Bath Rug All those bottles of wine you chugged down sure comes in handy now.. If you forgot to collect all the wine corks, ask your wine loving friends to chip in. Wine Cork Rug Tutorial Wine Cork Rug DIY Shag Rug Shag Rag Rugs are soft and cozy, warm and inviting and extremely stylish. Use old tshirt or left over fabric or old towels... endless possibilities... just remember to use the same type of fabric throughout for an even finish DIY Shag Rug Tutorial 29-1024x513Colorful Pompom Rug A pompom rug is easy to make and is cuddly and colorful. A great DIY if you find yourself with loads of pompoms floating around house... Or.. you make them from leftover wool or other yarn. Colorful Pompom Rug Tutorial carpet_of_pompomsWe hope these gorgeous DIY upcycled rugs have inspired you to take that first step towards recycling. Tell us which one is your favourite or share with us your ideas for upcycled rugs, we would love to hear from you.