Unique Rug Patterns For The WOW Factor!

This week we are not talking about entrance mats or doormats! This week we wanted to do something different and unique... coz, we came across something that had our jaws drop in wonderment and quickly running to our workstation to get it out to you! We would like you to look at these unusual and seriously creative rugs to add that WOW factor to any room. The idea is to think different, and these rug designers most definitely have been doing plenty of that.

Lace Pattern Rug


This rug is unique in its combination of elegance and creativity. Made out of a solid colour body, it disintegrates into a delicate and gorgeous lace pattern at corners.
Source: www.indopic.com

Pastoral View Rug

Ok, does this not remind you of a bird’s eye view of some verdant rural pastureland??! Of course it does! Getting this rug would be like importing a small section of the English countryside right into your living room.
Source: www.chatelaine.com

The Bora Bora Island Rugs

This rug affords you the opportunity to float your own islands at home. These Bora Bora island rugs have been created by designer Petra Sistikova to replicate the real shape and aerial views of the Bora Bora Islands. You can use these rugs individually or joined together as a cluster. Though they are bathroom rugs, they can be used anywhere you would like to see islands in your home.
Source: www.digsdigs.com

Brands and Labels Rugs

Are you a brand nut? If yes, and you love yourself all things branded... then you are gonna fall in love with this rug.. It could be your DIY project made from old clothing labels. Or you can simply check out where this rug is stocked and buy it. This rug will keep your guests engaged and staring at it for a long time.
Source: www.digsdigs.com

Weight Watching Rug

A rug that will keep you on your toes. It has a built in scale which will display your past, present and goal weights…just in case you were thinking of escaping the weight matter.
Source: weburbanist.com

Truly unique these mats are right? Wonder what those rug designers come up with next!

So, which ones do you like the best? Which one is your favourite? Write in and let us know.