Ultimate Mat Placement Guide

Matting isn't always the first thing we think about when renovating, or decorating, but it's one of the most important aspects. It aids in cleanliness, comfort, and style. Here's a handy mat placement chart to help you pick out proper matting. Entrance Way: Recessed Well Matting - Extremely durable, water resistant, will be sure stop most slush, snow, dirt, and grime at the doorway. Lobby: Logo Mat - A high quality mat such as the WaterHog and SuperScrape, combined with your logo adds an uber chic look, and will be sure to impress new customers and clients Elevator: Poly-Tuft (Wiper) Matting - Durable and pleasant looking, comes in a variety of different colours Restaurant and Shower: Anti Slip - Interlocking PVC Tiles have an ergonomic design, excellent drainage, and is also anti-microbial. Perfect. Exercise Room: Sports Floor - A good rubber athletic matting is ideal for gym flooring due to the fact that it's softer than most other floors it's easier on the legs and back, and it's anti-bacterial. Exercise Mats - Ideal for yoga, sit-ups, and ball exercises Cafeteria: Anti-Fatigue Matting - A medium duty, water proof anti-fatigue mat is great for the food preparation area, these mats make it easier for employees to stand for longer periods of time without feeling sore, and they are also important for cleanliness. *these mats are also good for other employees that spend a lot of time standing (ie. cashiers, receptionists, doormen) Electrical Room: Dielectric Matting - Very important for the safety of employees, dielectric matting has quality high voltage protection, and is also slip resistant Warehouse: Oil Resistant, Heavy Duty Anti-Fatigue, Welding, Disinfectant Wow that's a lot of different mats. Here's a picture that'll help you with your layout: