Two is Better Than One -  Layer Your Doormats!

Layered Doormats are the hottest new design trend right now! We appreciate it and can totally comprehend why this new fashion will stick around. Let's investigate the layered doormat trend to learn more about it. Get ready to try out this intriguing (and surprisingly doable) home décor concept.

The layered doormat craze is all about the idea that two doormats are better than one. For a warm, comfortable, and fashionable atmosphere that results in an utterly sophisticated doorstep, pair two items—a doormat and a somewhat bigger area rug. initial impressions, how are you feeling?

We @CanadaMats and @CocoMatsnMore adore stacked doormats, but why is that? You no longer have to endure the agonizing process of choosing just one rug if, while doing some shopping, you fall in love with two rugs and/or a doormat-rug combination. Another advantage? Layering makes it incredibly simple to alter things up depending on the season or your mood; just replace the rug just beneath the doormat with something different.

Finally, our favorite rule: There are no regulations at all! Yes, you may create the style you want by combining different colors, patterns, textures, and sizes.

Are you prepared to wear the layered doormat style now? We have compiled 3 of our favourite choices that we hope will motivate you to layer and pull this off. Many happy layers!

  1. Our pals are the neutrals!

Incorporating a neutral rug beneath your doormat is the perfect way to subtly embrace the layered trend without taking away from your farmhouse chic porch. 

  1. Bold geometric designs that leave a lasting impression.

Reichel over at Copy Cat Chic, created a striking doorway by repurposing an extra rug she had lying around the house. Layered with a gorgeous Coir Welcome doormat for a look that we simply love!

  1. Declare it in yellow!

This is a fun and colourful way to make a statement. Layer up a Coir Hello Doormat on a yellow woven rug for a pop of color and attitude at the doorway!

Let us assist you in this in a small way. All of your coir doormat requirements can be met by visiting Canada Mats. By selecting the top layer, choose the decorative doormat that you choose from our collection. If there isn't a mat that you like, get in touch with us and we'll make a custom welcome doormat just for you!