Transforming your garage from storage space to sanctuary (Part 3)

Step 5: Installation Installing your flooring is all about planning… Time to double check your measurements and do inventory of your matting. You want to make sure you have your space and tiles/mats all planned out for where each piece will go. If you are using roll out garage flooring you will probably need to do some trimming to fit. This will require a sharp utility knife and a metal t-square ruler. To cut these and other mats the best practice is to use your utility knife to carefully score the mat 3-4 times to gradually cut through. If you are using the hard plastic floor tiles the best practice is to mark your cuts as precisely as possible. Using a bandsaw, tablesaw or jigsaw you should be able cut through the tile quite easily. Once you have completed the cuts you can lye down the roll out flooring or if you are using tiles start snapping them together. Neither solution requires using any adhesive to your garage floor. Once your flooring is done now you can start putting everything into back into your garage. This is when you really start to see your hard work paying off. If your new space is all about your vehicle you can pull it right in. If it’s a workout space then lay down your new mats and setup all your equipment. If this is you new way of embracing your inner handyman then get those tools organized and keep them organized! Step 6: Show Off & Enjoy Now that it’s done its time to start using this new room. Think of it as your own escape from everyday. Invite some friends over to show off; before you know it they’re going to be asking you to come help with their garages.