Canada Mats at Vancouver Home and Design Show

Bamboo slats at the EPIC Show

Canada Mats will be participating at the Vancouver Home and Design Show from Oct 11-14 at the BC Place. The Vancouver Home and Design Show is the ultimate authority on all things life style and will offer innovation,insight and inspiring ideas from styling your wardrobe and hosting a dinner party for your friends to designing your new space or renovating your existing place.

Canada Mats offers trade show flooring to all exhibitors at the Vancouver Home and Design Show. Our trade show flooring like bamboo rolls, coir matting and premium soft floors have been extensively used in other trade shows like EPIC and Eco Fashion Week. This kind of flooring not only looks gorgeous but also is an environmentally friendly choice.

Coir Matting at Eco Fashion Week
Coir Matting was used as a sustainable replacement for red carpeting at Vancouver’s Eco Fashion Week. Furthermore, our premium soft floors not only offers gorgeous flooring for booths but also helps in creating a comfortable place for staff and customers to stand. Moreover, wood grain soft floors also look pretty good with their gorgeous shades of wood color. Bamboo slat mats were used during the EPIC fashion show to line their runway and coir matting was used by exhibitors at their booths. Custom Logo Mats are another option for strengthening brand image in customer's eyes . For more matting ideas check out our website at
Premium Soft Floors at the EPIC Show.
Canada Mats not only offer an option to buy these trade show flooring but also provides an opportunity to rent these mats. For this, please call us at 604-628-7791 or email at To meet us at the Vancouver Home and Design Show, and to see different matting options please drop by Booth no. 637.