The value of planning for winter with Heated Walkway Mats

A company with employees must always be concerned with the safety and well being of its customers and employees. Workplace safety will not only keep your employees showing up to work on time and good health but it can be the difference between employees staying with your company short term and having life-long happy employees who represent your business in the best way possible. Many companies face the downfall (no pun intended) of slip/fall injuries in the workplace and the costs can be astronomical. One valuable tool companies in colder climates have access to is the utilization of heated entrance mats. If a company looks at its high traffic outdoor areas there are a number of products which can be used to protect employees and customers. For entrance stairs canada mats has 3 options of heated stair mats and depending on your power supply you can power from 7 - 26 mats. These mats are easy to move around and can be removed in warmer seasons. All connections are watertight to provide additional safety. For flat entrances Canada mats carries a large range of heated walkway mats and heated doormats both great for improving your storefront safety. One thing to remember with all heated mats is they are not designed to melt existing snow and ice, they are built to be placed during the snow and ice season and to melt the snow as it falls. With this in mind one of the most important apects of using theses heated mats is that you plan for the snow season. Now is the time to plan where you will need these mats and order before the snow arrives, so you are prepared. We always receive a huge influx of orders when the first snow of the season starts to fly and many times we sell out before all orders can be fulfilled. Although safety of a companies' employees and customers is always concern #1 another great feature of these mats is the time and money this product will save you on snow removal. No more getting the snow shovel and making a path to the doorway, now your walkway and stairs can be clear all year round and slip free. For more information on our heated mats visit or call Toll free: (800) 624-0041