The best outdoor mats, from our experts

 CM VIPER 8950 INDOOR - OUTDOOR SCRAPER MATTING are made in Blaine Washington.

By Deepak Raghavan

November 9, 2021

Even if you have a no-shoe policy in your house, there will be times when you need to dash inside with your shoes on for one last thing, or times when a handyman or repair person needs to wear work boots indoors. For these situations — and for shoe-on houses — doormats are essential.

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  • With a good brush and stomp, doormats can prevent debris, wet snow and dripping rainwater from entering your home.
  •  Doormats may help with a comprehensive allergy-fighting plan. If you’re going to wear your shoes in the house, at least wiping them is going to help some. We’ve got pollen season now year-round, so these measures are important.
  •  The right doormat for your house depends on whether it will be completely exposed or under a ­covered porch. 
  • For exposure, coir is recommended; for covered exposure, you can go for a less-durable jute-and-coir mix. The best thickness ­depends on whether the mat is inside or outside. 
  • It’s better to have a softer and thinner rug inside and a more bristly, durable one outside.


Here are 3 outdoor doormats options chosen by experts. Welcome home to a cleaner house.



CM Viper 8950 Mats Indoor/Outdoor Scraper Matting are constructed of a looped dual fibre material to absorb moisture and efficiently scrape away debris with its coarse yarn texture. These non slip mats are ideal for moderate to heavy use in commercial environments.

CM Viper 8950 Mats are among the toughest of entrance mats and have been manufactured producing a well distinguished feature for this mat. With a random faced pattern that can withstand the continuous dirt and moisture throughout the day. While being extremely durable, it conveniently accommodates all high-end hotels and foyers with its upscale aesthetic.

With a blend of only coarse material is what makes these CM Viper 8950 Mats unique, using a specific type of blended bouclé yarn construction produces a durable fibre. The CM Viper can withstand all weather conditions, allowing it to be suitable in both indoor and outdoor settings.



DURA NOP ENTRANCE MATS (Charcoal 2’ x 3’ $94.99)  

Dura Nop Entrance Mats are constructed with blended synthetic fibres and a composite rubber backing to trap and hide dirt and moisture. These mildew resistant mats are perfect for use in indoor and outdoor areas with moderate to high traffic. 

Dura Nop Entrance Mats are highly economical with their low cost and excellent performance. With blended synthetic fibres, these mats will protect underneath and surrounding floors from damage by collecting the majority of moisture and dirt from shoes. The rigidity of these mats’ backing and vinyl ramp edging prevents lifting and slipping. These durable, functional and attractive mats are most effective in indoor and outdoor commercial entrance ways with moderate to high foot and wheeled traffic.

 Dura Nop Entrance Mats are widely used across North America due to their exceptional functionality and durability for a low cost. Using their blended synthetic fibres, these mats trap 80% of dirt and moisture, leaving surrounding floors damage free, clean and safe. Also, these mats feature an berber pattern, hiding dirt and allows for easy cleaning with a regular vacuum.


Dura Nop Slimline is suitable for all heavy traffic areas indoors as well as outdoors with an overhang. The heavy fiber and dense construction will prevent this mat from crushing. Its 37 oz. construction, makes it easy to handle at installation, or when being moved for cleaning as loose matting. This material is not affected by extreme climate conditions. UV stable, it can be cut into any shape without edge ravel. Dura Nop is an great choice for logo and plain mats