That thing called Inspiration.

The corporate world is obsessed with the concept of motivation and inspiration. Employee of the month, cash incentives, paid holidays to some exotic holiday spot... they’re all ways in which companies try to inspire their employees to do better. And we’re not saying that they are dud ideas, but, as we all know, we are not driven by external factors. The right buttons to release inspiration and, therefore, good performance are located deeper than the reach of the HR department of a company. We are driven by only the things that matter us and when we receive these, we have no problems with being motivated. Doormats have an even more feeble influence on you. Unlike your boss, they can’t give you a pep talk, unlike the HR, they will not ask you a million Myer Briggs inspired questions and unlike your project manager, they will not harangue you with Greek-sounding management jargon. But just because they are silent does not mean doormats don't have a thing to say by way of inspiration. Here are a few inspiration-inspiring mats that we have picked out of our collection on

Save the Planet

Save the planet It's simple enough to do--conserve nature, water, resources and stop being greedy and destructive. Your children will thank you for it.

Be Green

Go Green This is put succinctly in the famous green mantra: Reduce, re-use and recycle. Make green choices for a better world.

Words of Wisdom

Love Dream Now that’s one wise doormat. If we were to take its advice, we would live rich, empowered, peaceful lives. Think about it.

Joy, Bliss, Love

JoyBlissLove These are the things that matter more than the gadgets, the cars, the bigger houses and the fatter paychecks.


Happiness This is basically the end that all our money, love, social status, art, good movies or great music aim to achieve. What makes you happy? This mat tries to remind you of it.

Home of the Brave

Brave And who does not want to be brave? Courage is in short supply, yet remains one of the most aspired for qualities. We have many other mats with messages that will make you think. Do drop by and check them out on