Recessed Well Matting from Canada Mats

Commercial properties have exclusive requirements that influence the kind of matting that would work optimally for them. Commercial spaces such as stores and malls experience heavy foot and wheeled traffic. Others see more people than carts and trolleys. In some cases, first impressions matter but so does the budget. Each scenario presents a different challenge and requires a specific (and different) type of flooring. But, one matting solution that is a good fit in all situations is the recessed well and the matting we have for it. What is a recessed well? A recessed well is a square shape that is cut into the floor. It is usually ½ inch deep, but it can be deeper. It is meant to be filled with matting made from synthetic or natural material. In homes, the well is generally inside the house, just inside the threshold. In commercial establishments, the well is created just outside the entrance. Why do we have recessed wells? Recessed wells holds matting inside them, keeping it level with the floor. One of the biggest advantage of having a recessed well, is that it helps prevent the mats from sticking out which in turn helps reduce tripping hazards. The wells are very useful for areas with heavy wheeled traffic. Another advantage is that dirt, dust and water that get scraped off shoe soles stay within the well rather than spread around creating unsightly and unhygienic surroundings. The recessed wells also impart a seamless flush appearance to the flooring while keeping it clean. The advantages of a recessed well are more apparent in commercial and industrial premises than in homes. What kind of mats can be used in a recessed well? Any kind of matting can be used in the recessed well depending on your need - nylon, natural and synthetic rubber, natural fibers like coir, cloth etc. One important requirement with recessed well matting is that it should be customizable, as the well-dimensions could differ. Mats for Recessed Wells at Canada Mats Canada Mats has a sizable collection of recessed well matting to fit various needs. Here is a selection of what we display on our website. Custom Cut Coco Coir Mats For Recessed Areas Custom-Coir-Recessed-Well-Mat-Roll Our vinyl-backed custom coco mats are the ideal solution for recessed well matting requirements. These coir mats can be custom cut as per customer requirements to provide the perfect fit. They give commercial space floors a seamless, clean and plush look. In addition, coir is an excellent boot scraper, cleaning out water, dirt and dust from shoe soles and ensuring the insides of commercial premises remain clean - an important aspect as impressions matter a great deal in an office or commercial space. The custom coir recessed mats are made out of natural coconut husk, making them eco-friendly and sustainably produced, elegant and stylish. Custom Cut Coco Mats for Recessed Areas comes in four thickness option: 1" Custom Cut Coco Coir Mats For Recessed Areas, 1/2" Custom Cut Coco Coir Mats For Recessed Areas, 3/4" Custom Cut Coco Coir Mats For Recessed Areas, and 5/8" Custom Cut Coco Coir Mats For Recessed Areas Custom Cut Coco Mats for Recessed Areas are the ideal choice for hotels, restaurants and office lobbies that need to maintain a clean, refined and eco-friendly appearance. Apart from Custom Cut Coco Mats for Recessed Areas, Canada Mats also has a range of recessed well products made from durable and long-lasting vinyl (PVC). These mats are practical and low-cost solutions for stores, malls and other places that experience large amounts of foot traffic. Recessed Well Mats Boardwalk Modular Pathway Tiles are made from flexible vinyl. They are very customizable, making them an ideal solution for recessed wells. CM Viper 9100 Drainage and Runner Matting is extremely durable and can withstand heavy foot and wheeled traffic… perfect for recessed wells outside building entrances. Smart Step Arrow Trax Matting Matting is made from 100% PVC. The alternating ribbed vinyl and carpet stripped surface is good at scraping off dirt and absorbing moisture. If you are looking for a lasting, trip-free and elegant flooring solution, consider recessed wells and matting. Low cost, easy to maintain and durable, they will make a lot of economic sense in the long run. Come visit us at our Canada Mats Recessed Well Matting webpage for more recessed matting solutions. We hope you find the right matting for your needs.