Playfall Tiles: Revolutionizing Playground Safety for Kids

As parents and caregivers, ensuring the safety of children during playtime is always a top priority. Kids are energetic and often engage in high-energy activities, sometimes leading to falls and injuries. That's where Playfall Tiles come in - a revolutionary product designed with children's safety in mind, offering a cushioning solution that reduces the risk of injuries caused by dangerous falls.

Designed for Safety 

The Playfall Mat system comprises Playfall Tiles and Foam Play Pads, working together to provide four thicknesses to match the fall heights of even the most extreme play areas. These 1.75" thick, durable 2' x 2' recycled rubber tiles are the foundation of a secure and reliable play surface. They can be installed over a solid subbase or a well-compacted granular surface.



 Versatile Fall Height Protection 

Playfall Tiles can be used independently for fall heights up to 4 feet, ensuring a safe environment for young children. For higher fall heights of 6 feet and beyond, they can be combined with 1" or 2" Playpads, foam inserts that further increase impact absorption. This versatility makes Playfall Tiles suitable for various play areas, accommodating different age groups and activity levels.



Compliance and Assurance 

Safety is paramount in play areas. Playfall mats comply with ASTM requirements for playground fall safety. These rubber safety tiles provide peace of mind, knowing that they meet industry standards and are specifically designed to protect children during playtime.




Durability and Longevity 

Crafted from 100% recycled rubber, Playfall Tiles are safe and environmentally friendly. The durable 2' x 2' tiles feature a 12" x 12" cross-hatch pattern, ensuring a slip-resistant playground mat surface. The interlocking pin system makes installation easy and hassle-free, providing a seamless and secure play surface.


Benefits Beyond Safety

Apart from their safety features, Playfall Tiles offer additional advantages for play areas. The porous surface allows easy drainage, preventing water accumulation and maintaining a dry and safe play surface. This feature also eliminates the potential health risks of stagnant water and minimizes maintenance efforts. Additionally, buying Playfall Tiles eliminates concerns related to buried objects and animal wastes, ensuring a clean and hygienic environment for children. Using  playground mats eliminates the risks and maintenance associated with displaced loose-fill materials like wood fiber.


Invest in Safety with Playfall Tiles 

When it comes to the safety and well-being of children, Playfall Tiles provide the ultimate choice. Installing this reliable and high-quality safety flooring solution protects what matters most. Whether it's an indoor or outdoor playground, Playfall Tiles offers a durable, sustainable, and compliant option for creating a safe play area where kids can be active and have fun without compromising safety.



To learn more about Playfall Tiles and how they can benefit your play area, visit Canada Mats or detailed information and specifications.

Invest in Playfall Tiles today and ensure a secure and enjoyable play environment for children because their safety matters.