Oops… was it Valentine’s Day!!?

Forgot Valentine’s Day huh?! Ouch!! We feel your pain! And that’s why we’re here to help you bust out of the doghouse!

What you need is a grand gesture… something bigger than flowers and chocolates (because, really… you should’ve done that ON Valentine’s Day). Here's an idea we think will not only earn you forgiveness but also score you some brownie points! Premium, luxurious, and custom doormats!!!

These coir doormats are good looking, durable, sustainable, eco-friendly, and long lasting. Everything you could ask for in a Valentines Day gift. To give you an idea of what we are talking about...

Maybe a little self deprecating, slightly rude humor might just be the ticket?

These are of course just some options, check out our line up of decorative doormats and funny doormats to choose your ‘get out of the doghouse’ card.

If prints are not your (and by that we mean your significant other) thing… then check out our range of personalized doormats. Buy one of our personalized luxury coco doormats customised with a name, monogram or a phrase – like “I am so sorry” maybe… let your imagination run wild here! Just to give you an example:

Now if you want to bring out the really big guns… these two options should be your go-to. Think really hard on what wordings or images (choose wisely my friend...!) you want printed on one of these luxurious and premium mats. You name it and we got you covered!

Choose well! But, if you want to talk to us and get more ideas on how you can choose the right doormat do not hesitate to call us or leave us an email. We will be absolutely stoked to help you out even more. Call us at 1-800-624-0041 or email at sales@canadamats.ca.