New Residential Recycled Rubber Doormats!

Old tires are the most problematic source of waste due to the sheer volume produced, their durability, and the fact they contain a number of components that are ecologically problematic. These tires do not decompose by themselves, take up space in landfills or provide breeding grounds for mosquitoes and rodents when stockpiled or illegally dumped By giving these old tires a new lease of life, recycling them into new products, less tires will actually end up in a landfill. Most of these tires get recycled for fuel. The remaining tires, well most of them, are then chopped up into rubber strips or into beads called "crumb rubber." The beads are recycled into street repair materials. The rubber strips go on to become new products such as doormats! The benefits of using recycled rubber doormats are many-fold. One, it cleans the dirt, all kinds of unthinkable muck and slush (such a big problem in winter) from beneath footwear; Two, since all the dirt gets cleaned off, it doesn’t track inside your home thus protecting the floors and rugs from damage and plus – really it saves you all that back breaking cleaning! And then there is the most important benefit: It helps you save the environment! Alright, all that said.. we know that every doormat counts! One doormat equals that many less tires making its way to the landfill. And so we have added some residential recycled rubber doormats to our list of products Waterhog Recycled Rubber Mat WaterhogThe Waterhog Mat is made from a combination of rubber and polypropylene material. The base of the mat is made of 100% natural recycled rubber. Due to the unique design on the surface of the Waterhog Mat, it provides excellent brushing action making it perfect for scraping shoes clean. This mat is very good at water absorption which as a result has earned it the name “Waterhog”. Who says, we cannot “Go Green” indoors. The “Waterhog” is ideal for use wherever you are faced with a wet environment such as washrooms. This mat is designed to withstand heavy duty applications in both Industrial as well as household environments. Very easy to clean, the Waterhog mat is washable and can be sun dried. It can be vacuumed easily as well. Available in 18” x 30” size and color Blue Filigree Recycled Rubber Coir Doormat Filigree Recycled Rubber DoormatThe Filigree Recycled Rubber Doormat is a combination of recycled rubber and coir. The center of the mat is made of PVC backed coir equipped for increased cleaning action. While the edge of the mat is made of 100% recycled rubber and comes in a beautiful filigree pattern This doormat has been designed specifically to withstand heavy duty usage and is perfect for wet environments that see a lot of snow (all that slush be gone!!). The quality of this doormat ensures that it has a longer product life. This is not just a pretty green product. It is also an excellent dirt scrapper with some crazy superior brushing power which will effectively clean all the dirt and mud off of shoes. Very easy to maintain and clean, the mat can be hosed off or vacuumed and can be dried in natural sunlight. The Filigree Recycled Rubber Doormat is available in a 18” x 47” size. Rod Recycled Rubber Coir Doormat Rod Recycled Rubber Coir DoormatsThe Rod Doormat is again a combination mat – the rods on the mat are made with a combination of recycled rubber and 100% coconut fiber. The base of the mat is made out of 100% natural recycled rubber. The Rod mat provides excellent brushing action due to the design of the rods which covers the surface of the mat. Due to the unique construction of the base, it retains dust very well making sure that it does not track inside the house. This doormat is ideal for use at the entrance of a garden and has been designed for places that need heavy duty cleaning. No more worries about dirtying up you doorway or house after a good session of gardening, no? They are easy to clean and can be sun dried easily. The Rod Recycled Rubber Coir Doormat is available in a 18” x 30” size Tire Link Recycled Rubber Doormat TireLinkMatThe Rod Doormat is a special mat completely made out of recycled rubber tires. Absolute heaven for the Eco-conscious – 100% recycled and recyclable product! Specifically designed and perfect for areas that see a lot of snow and tends to get slushy and muddy. This doormat gives you safety and peace of mind in winter as it provides superior grip in wet snowing conditions and at the same time has excellent brushing action which will remove dirt, mud and snow off shoes. The Rod Recycled Rubber Doormat is washable which makes it very easy to clean. The Tire Link Recycled Doormat is available in a 18" x 30" size Tire Track Recycled Rubber Doormat TireTrackMatWinter often brings with a host of problems. Slippery and wet ground being one of them. These dangerous environments could lead to slip and fall injuries and other accidents. But what we do not, most times, talk about is the how the slippery ground poses a problem for your vehicles. And sometimes these problems are much closer to home than you think. Having a driveway that has accumulated snow will possibly cause it to slide and not provide enough traction to park your car safely. But there is a solution to this - The Tire Track Mat Made out of 100% recycled rubber tires, these have been designed to provide grip and traction for light vehicles even in heavy snow environments. Though designed for snow, this mat will work perfectly in muddy environments, where there will lack of traction for your car. Mat is washable which makes it easy for the user to clean. The Tire Track Recycled Doormat is available in a 31" x 10" size What do you think of these new mats? Show us some love people and go check out the mats!