New Heated Mats!

We’ve just added some new mats to our heated mats line-up! Reports from CBC Canada state that, harsh winter weather that had earlier gripped Western Canada has now begun its move in Ontario and Quebec, bringing heavy snow squalls in some areas and frigid temperatures.

Yes, winter has definitely arrived! Now, we all know what harsh winter brings with it – dangerous snow and ice build-up on stairs and walkways outside your home and businesses; feeling cold all the time with your hands, feet and body just refusing to warm up; the endless shovelling to keep pathways clear and safe. What we need this winter, is to keep ourselves warm and cozy at home and to find ways to avoid all that shovelling!

This is where heated mats play its part! Now, you know that we already have a selection of heated mats you can choose from. But, looking at how winter is shaping up to be – we’ve added more heated mats to make life and surviving the cold that much more easier. Check out the new mats... Indoor Heated Mats

Indoor Heated Mats

For many people, especially women, their hands and feet are always cold. And as long as your extremities are cold, it gets difficult to warm up the rest of the body. The best solution would be to bundle up in warm clothes, exercise, drink hot things and most importantly invest in an “Indoor Heated Mat” Use the Indoor Heated Mats on the floor wherever you feel you need extra warmth. Use them in places like Home & Office, Residential & Industrial workshops and/or just about any place where warm flooring can provide comfort and warm feet.

The heated mat will help improve blood circulation to lower extremities which will in turn warm up your whole body. The ergonomic design helps improve posture when sitting. Uses less energy than a light bulb – draws only 80 watts or 240 watts of energy depending on the size of mat you choose. Indoor Heated Mat has been set to the correct temperature for use. Simply Plug in the mat and push switch on the cord to the “ON” position.

The switch will be illuminated when “ON”. Read More.. Snow and ice makes the doorways, sidewalks and stairways slippery leading to slips and falls every year. These falls are mainly responsible for job-site accidents and an increase in workers compensation costs. Avoid accidents and injuries, provide a workplace that is safe for your employees by using heated mats at your doorway, on the stairs and on the walkways. Additionally, you get to save yourself from all the back-breaking shovelling, kick-back relax and enjoy your coffee as you watch your poor neighbours go about their shovelling! 

Industrial Heated Walkway Mats

Industrial Heated Stairway Mats 

Made out of moulded SBR rubber, these heavy duty Heated Walkway Mats are ideal for high traffic and dangerous slippery areas. These heated walkway mats can be used for walkways, driveways, handicapped ramps and just about any place that could prove to be a health hazard because of snow build-up during heavy snow conditions.

UV protected and anti-slip these heated mats melt snow immediately on contact. If the mats are placed before snowfall, the snowflakes will evaporate at contact and prevent accumulation. When placed on a walkway that already has a snow build-up, these heated mats will melt the snow at the rate of 2 inches per hours. Read More..

Industrial Heated Stairway Mats

Industrial Heated Stairway Mats

Made of top quality SBR rubber, UV Protected and with Anti-Slip feature, the Industrial Heated Stairway Mats will keep your stairs clear of snow and ice all winter long! Waterproof and durable, these heated mats will keep your stairs safe no matter how bad the weather conditions. The heated stair mats also provide excellent abrasion resistance and is perfect for high traffic areas.

Once placed and connected on the stairs, these mats will melt snow and ice at the rate of 2 inches per hour. Place these before snowfall and avoid snow accumulation all-together – the snow will melt on contact. The heated stairway mats are 11” x 38” in size and available in 120V and 240V versions. This winter opt to stay safe while going in and out of your workplace. Read More

Industrial Heated Doormats


Industrial Heated Doormats

A safe and snow clear walkway and stairs also demand a doorway clear of snow as well. 24” x 36” in size these Heated Doormats are perfect to be place right outside the door. The heated doormat is a UV protected anti-slip heated rubber doormat made from moulded rubber. It is an electric heating system designed to melt the snow and ice that build up at your doorstep. Invest in this Heated Doormat and find yourself worry free, completely eliminate the risk of accidents and injuries caused by slipping on ice and snow.

The industrial heated doormat can be plugged into any standard 120V, 230V or 240V outlet. Switch on the heated doormat and it will melt up to two inches of snow per hour. At this fast rate you can be sure of a snow and ice free doorway even in the harshest cold weather all winter long. This heated doormat is waterproof and durable. With its non-slip feature, it will stay in place without shifting and you will not have to constantly reposition the mat all winter long. Read More

Have a safe winter!