Need Help Picking a Mat?

The mat finder is the simplest way to find the mat you’re looking for based on the type of facility, it also helps you discover mats for different areas that maybe you hadn’t considered before, by sorting them into various applications. We have sorted our mats into 10 categories: • Commercial Entrances Found it • Commercial Office Buildings • Hotels-Motels-Hospitals • Institutional-Educational Facilities • Grocery-Drug-Retail Stores • Food Service-Restaurants • Manufacturing Facilities-Office Area • Manufacturing Facilities-Plant Areas • General Industrial Work Area • Industrial Entrances This tool is especially handy if you don’t have a specific mat in mind but know that you are looking for a mat that would be suitable for a day care or a warehouse, or a restaurant etc. All you have to do is narrow down what it is you need a mat for; select the category that best suits your needs and a list of mats made for that area in will pop up. Leave a comment if you can think of any other ways we can help make it easier to find the perfect mat for you.