Mini Guide to Outdoor Matting

You can make your outdoor space much more livable by adding some matting. Proper matting can make your space easier to clean, more comfortable to walk/sit on, safer, and more aesthetically pleasing. For covered outdoor areas, such as under canopies or covered decks, or even just for temporary use on a sunny day in uncovered areas, a coco runner is great option for creating a beachy, natural vibe. Our coco matting comes vinyl backed for an ultra-long-lasting, durable mat, or non-vinyl backed, it’s a little less permanent and easier to roll up and store. The coco runners also make great décor for beach weddings, and allow the bridal party to easily walk down the aisle without worrying about kicking up sand. If you have a pool or hottub in your backyard matting is key, as wood and cement can get quite slippery. A great option for solving this problem is our V-Dek matting. Our V-Dek matting is also great for deck that can get slippery; they create a really great grip and can really spruce up an old deck. With a few mats you can also easily create a safe play space for your children no matter how old they are. Our soft-floor tiles are super durable and easy to clean, for a colourful and comfy space connect as many mats as you need on pretty much any surface, whether it be grass, cement, or a wood deck. Another child friendly outdoor option is our baby play mats. They are soft, non-toxic, easy to clean, and extremely durable. These mats are great because they are fairly light-weight and can easily be rolled up and put anywhere. Don't forget about your doors! Every door can use a doormat, a lot of people forget about doors leading out to the back yard, but this can end up being one of the most frequently used doors, especially if you have kids running in and out all day!