Let’s Get The Workplace Ready For St Patrick's Day!

St Patty's Day is almost here.. are you guys excited? Coz, we sure are! Is your work space rocking the green spirit of St Patrick's Day? No! What!? No worries... there is time still and we are here to help you. We've put together some awesome DIY decor ideas that is - super easy to do, can be used for both the home and the office (cool?), brings in the spirit, flair and good-luck of the Irish into your work and home. So what we waiting for? Let's get crafting! DIY Shamrock Bouquet Greet everyone with this lovely bouquet of shamrocks! Keep them on your desk at work - it welcomes your "desk-visitors" and keeps you cheerful. And, if you've enthusiastically made a lot.. keep a bouquet at home.. Find the tutorial here: shamrock bouquet A Lucky St. Patrick's Day Garland Craft out some easy and quick clovers from card-stock.. string them up and your lucky garland is ready to hung up around work (and home too of course..). Enjoi the luck and the green spirit this garland will bring to you and everyone! Find the tutorial here: Patricks day garland Hanging Paper Four Leaf Clovers A garland is too much? Then how about these individual four leaf clovers? Attach some ribbon to each four leaf clover and they are ready to be hung around the office and pretty much anywhere. Find the tutorial here: hanging clovers St. Patrick’s Day Bunting This simple St. Patrick’s Day craft will look just lovely when displayed! This unique and easy to do banner is just the right thing to create some luck around the work place? Find the tutorial here: 8110 Saint Patrick's Day Pins Wear these fuzzy pin-on clovers with pride and spread the cheer by giving it out to your lucky co-workers. Have everyone smiling at the sight of these cute holiday favors. Find the tutorial here: mar06_msl_clipart_vert Rainbow Paper Wreath Looks perfect for hanging over your desk? Get your kids to make this and you can enjoy it at work! Find the tutorial here: Original_Abigail-Barnes-rainbow-wreath-final.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.966.1288 So what do you guys think? Ready to get crafting and celebrate the spirit of St. Patrick's Day!