Let’s Get Comfortable In The Kitchen

Alright, it’s that time... kitchen time! And, even the seasoned of you home chefs know that, cooking is not easy! It’s on you to make sure every one’s palates and preferences are taken care off (from the baby to baby’s grandparents) and that the meal you make, above all, is nutritious! Striking the right balance between nutrition and great tasting food takes planning, lot of consulting with cook books, calling up moms and friends for recipes and experimentation's (all done standing in the kitchen, mind you!); with a good measure of panic thrown in as well! The result... is a delicious meal that is an instant hit with everyone at the table praise from the ones at the dinner table. But, on the flip side is the cramped and tired feeling you get in the soles of your feet and stressed out legs. So what do you do to relieve the stress in your legs? Apart from takeout that is... what you need for kitchen time... is a good anti-fatigue mat! Now, for reasons unknown, anti-fatigue mats are always associated with people standing for long hours at store counters, workstations and in factories. What about housewives, people who love to cook for their families and food-based entrepreneurs? They too stand long hours in the kitchen and experience the same foot fatigue. Why not include them too on the list of those who can benefit from the comfort of anti-fatigue mats? We at Canada Mats sure have! Canada Mats stocks a good range of anti-fatigue mats that work just as effectively in kitchens as they do in industrial and commercial settings. Anti-fatigue means these mats are padded and designed to cushion and comfort the feet. Made from rubber, these mats are easy to wash off—which is a major win-win when you are working with sauces and dips, butter and juices, gravies and custards, puddings and ice creams—everything than can drip, slip, spill and splatter. Some of our mats can be customized according to your kitchen layout, so you can choose how they need to be configured. Here are some anti-fatigue kitchen mats that your feet would love to stand making you happy to be cooking! Anti-Fatigue Wellness Mats Anti-Fatigue WellnessMats When you stand on these premier Anti-fatigue Wellness Kitchen Mats you are going to be comfy and relaxed with a happy smile on your face while cooking. Medically proven and ergonomically constructed, these revolutionary anti-fatigue kitchen mats improve overall health and encourage muscle conditioning and better posture. They also promote proper circulation, decrease back stress and fatigue by displacing and suspending your body weight on the mats and offer supreme comfort, safety, relief and support wherever you stand. Anti-Fatigue Designer Wellness Mats Anti-Fatigue Designer Wellness MatsAn ideal combination of style and comfort, Designer Anti-Fatigue Wellness Mats make you forget the saying that - all that's gold is not glitter - as these mats are exquisite as well as super comfortable. We've got five chic patterns to select from. Each design will look great in the kitchen and its quite difficult to choose from. So, say goodbye to all your aches and pains from hours of standing and working in your kitchen these anti-fatigue Designer Wellness Mats have been created to improve your health and posture, promote circulation, and reduce stress and fatigue. Antique Collection Anti-Fatigue Wellness Mats anti-fatigue-mats-antique-bella-light-s_31Enjoy the same comfort on 2550th day as you did on the 1st day with the Antique Collection Anti-Fatigue Wellness Mats. These mats offer an antique elegance to your kitchen, giving you the ultimate in comfort while adding to the overall beauty of your kitchen. Compared to other competitive products like gel mats and foam mats, the Wellness Mats will never lose their bounce or resiliency, never laminate or curl up and will not lose their form. These mats are made out of 100% polyurethane, the gold standard for an anti-fatigue mat. Runner Series Anti-Fatigue Mats by Wellness Mats kitchen-puzzle-mats_19Soft on the feet and tough to wear down, the Runner Series Matting is great for use in the kitchen. Made from polyurethane, it is odor-free and lasts long. What’s fantastic is that it can be configured according to your kitchen dimensions or requirements. It is skid-resistant, which means you don’t have to worry about slipping as you run to turn off that gas on which sits the perfectly cooked pot of soup. Kitchen Puzzle Mats are available in three rich colors and many size combinations to accommodate any setting. L-Series Anti-Fatigue Mats by Wellness Mats yhst-29019712119845_2199_4482649_76Like the Runner Series, L-series Mats are made from 100% polyurethane and are comfortable to stand on, skid-resistant and durable. They cushion your back and legs, something you will come to appreciate as you cook up a storm for that Saturday night dinner with friends. Easy to configure, Kitchen L-series Puzzle Mats with 3 Piece corners create the perfect sized anti-fatigue mat for any room regardless of size and shape. And, you can go around the corner or turn a curve (around a kitchen island) with this unique kitchen mats. Companion Anti-Fatigue Mats anti-fatigue-mats-companion-s_6A portable anti-fatigue mat, the Companion Anti-Fatigue Mat, has the potential to be your best friend in the kitchen. It is small, it's design is such that they can be moved around easily, used when needed and stowed away after use. Made out of 100% recyclable polyurethane, Companion Mats, offer ultimate comfort whether you are standing, sitting or kneeling while doing any type of kitchen work. These mats will be your companion in the kitchen as they are portable, come with a handle and can be easily carried off to anywhere that you go. Our kitchen anti-fatigue mats line-up does not stop here. Come to our product page for Anti-fatigue Kitchen Mats (just click the link) and browse through more of our interesting products