Keep Your Employees Safe And Productive With Safety Mats

Nobody can afford to ignore the importance of workplace safety. Nobody should have to be concerned about serious or even fatal workplace accidents. Additionally, fostering a safe workplace can raise worker productivity. Slip, trip, and fall incidents are frequently caused by unsafe flooring conditions and a lack of understanding of dangers and hazards. Implementing measures, such as the usage of safety mats, is crucial to assisting in the prevention of such tragedies.


Several different kinds of safety mats are available, including anti-fatigue, non-slip, and greaseproof, to name a few. There are a few things to think about when deciding which type will best remove potential hazards in your workplace:

  • The flooring in question;
  • Whether slip resistance is a concern;
  • Where you plan to place the mat;
  • Cleaning methods; and
  • Maintenance frequency of the floor and mat.

It is significant to remember that certain legal standards must be fulfilled with regard to workplace safety. If you're fortunate enough to stay safe, breaking applicable acts (laws), rules, and codes of practice could result in expensive fines.

For instance, floors should be frequently examined and maintained to remove dangers, according the Work Health and Safety Act of 2011. These can include dangling cables, flimsy mats, and poor grip. Risks must be reduced to the greatest extent practical, which includes using mats in moist locations.

However, how does productivity factor into this? Although having confidence in your safety while at work can greatly increase employee productivity, that isn't all there is to it. Other ways that the usage of safety mats can increase productivity include:

  • Anti-fatigue properties for increased comfort;
  • Reduction in the occurrence of headaches;
  • Reduction in foot pressure and lower back pain;
  • Promotion of good posture; and
  • Prevent of stiffness in the joints.

In essence, increasing employee comfort is the key to increasing productivity. When workers are uneasy, they are less likely to concentrate on the task at hand and produce work that is of lower quality. Employees can focus their whole concentration on their work when they feel at ease.

It should be remembered that accidents other than slips, trips, and falls can result in workplace injuries. For instance, standing for long periods of time on hard surfaces can cause significant back pain and joint stiffness that last for years.

In order to keep workers as safe and productive as possible, we hope that the information presented here has demonstrated the significance of employing safety mats in the workplace. In addition to your duty to the workers in your charge, you also have a legal requirement that needs to be fulfilled. There are many various mats available at Canada Mats, so you can pick one that suits your requirements. Get in touch with us right away if you need help choosing.