Introducing Our New Coffee Design

Sell Coffee? Love Coffee? We have a design perfect for cafes and coffee shops. Everyone needs a mat so why not make it one that’s exclusive to your business. Our brand new super chic mat features non-skid rubber backing so it won’t slip around on any floors, and it won’t crack or curl up at the corners. These mats are a fun way to keep the interior of your building clean; they are designed for high traffic indoor applications, so they are built to last for years despite how many feet are walking across them every day. Cleaning is super easy, to keep it in good condition all you have to do is vacuum it every now and then, and to keep the mats looking extra nice they are steam cleanable. The images on this mat are permanently dyed right into the nylon carpet and will not wear off over time; each mat is treated with a perma-dye stain stopper for long-term colorfastness. You can also customize other Digi Print mats with your logo, or with other images that suit your business, if you are not in the coffee business. Please comment on this post if you are interested so we know how much stock we need!