Indoor Heated Mats to keep you and your feet warm

Winter is coming pretty soon and keeping one warm and comfortable is very important. One of the most fundamental things to do is to keep your feet and legs warm as they lost heat the fastest. This in turn will provide direct heat to the body and thus help one stay warm. Heated Floor Mats are heavy duty rubber mats that offers evenly distributed direct heat to the feet and legs at a fraction of the cost of a space heater as it uses only 90-120 watts ( less than a light bulb) and heats up to 130 C.
Heated Floor Mats
Compare this to the space heater which get dangerously hot and utilizes up to 1500- 2500 watts of electricity. They use up a lot of energy and also increase your electricity bills. Furthermore they can also burn skin with the intense heat they produce and have been known to overheat and cause a few fires. Moreover, they try to heat up a large area and generally do not offer support and relief to the coldest part of the body which is feet and legs. These Indoor Heated Mats are great when sitting in one place and will fit neatly underneath a desk or a workstation and hence takes no space. Furthermore, these heated mats and their cords are waterproof. They are thus excellent for drying shoes and boots. These heated floor mats are a smart and affordable way to keep one warm in basement, cold floors and offices. These come in two sizes , one is 21" x 14" x 1/4" and the other one is 36" x 16" x 1/4". These heated floor mats have been used in the Summer by some of the offices when air conditioning creates a chilly atmosphere. Furthermore, these heated floor mats make great gifts for students, old people, colleagues or anyone who suffer from the discomfort offered by chilly and drafty conditions.
Heated Footest
Heated Ergonomic Footrest also distributes heat evenly to work space around you and is very easy to set up and use. This can be set up in 3 convenient positions and is very easy to set up and use anywhere. This one has an elegant design with embossed black on black and match any decor. Keep yourself warm and cozy with these heated indoor mats and save yourself a lot of cost in electricity costs.