How to Utilize a Small Porch Area

One of the areas of a house that is frequently neglected is the front porch. When you consider how seldom the majority of homeowners really utilise their front porch, this makes sense. Many home owners only peek out the front door to welcome visitors or receive packages; they usually enter their home through the garage or a back door.

When prospective buyers tour your property, they won't encounter anything like this. They frequently come before the real estate agent and stand on the porch, tapping their toes anxiously, squinting to look in the window, and scrutinising every inch of it.

And let's face it, they have every right to carry out that action. They're considering spending thousands of dollars to buy your house, but they're not sure yet! Make an effort to ensure that your very first impression is positive.

Front Porch Staging Tips

  1. Clean up your act! Clean the doors and windows, sweep the porch, remove cobwebs, remove insect carcasses from light fittings, and shine the glass.
  2. Updating the finishes One of the house improvements with the highest return on investment is painting or replacing the front entry door. While you're at it, consider replacing door hardware that has significant scratches or flaking paint. Ensure that the home number is clearly visible and in good condition.
  3. Infuse life! Keep ceramics neutral, inconspicuous, and to a minimal, but plants and vibrant flowers are a terrific way to entice customers from the exterior to the interior. 
  4. VERY CAREFULLY accessorise. A few properly picked, neutral accents will give the room a homey feel (see suggestion below). Buyers will get the impression that you are firmly established in your home and might not be all that interested in moving if you have too many customised items.

The following are examples of "too personalised," however this list is not exhaustive:

  • flags and banners, all statues (including gnomes, angels, pet memorials, saints, butterflies, birds, and toads) (ALL types)
  • anything vaguely political or religious anything handcrafted by your children or grandchildren, chimes, hanging or spinning ornaments, etc.
  • any signs that are adorable, customised, or instructive (such as personalised doormats, "No Soliciting" signs, plaques with the Jones family names, etc.)