How To Style Your Entryway The Right Way

Your entry space is the first thing guests will see when they come visit. As you know first impressions can go a long way in people’s minds and your entryway is no exception. This can be a space that is kept looking like a showroom yet still functional as you make your way further into your home.

 Here’s a couple tips and tricks to elevate your interior without breaking the bank.


Choose your Style


Sticking with a single, unifying motif in a foyer is a highly original way to introduce guests to your style from the minute they walk in the door. Since most entries are on the smaller side, they’re ideal candidates for an impactful, patterned wallpaper moment.


Use Mirrors to Increase Size


Entryways are notoriously tight in some homes and others can suffer from a lack of light. Bounce some brightness into the entry by utilizing mirrors to reflect light. This works especially well if your front door features windows. By angling a mirror directly across the source of light, you can essentially double down on whatever natural brightness you have to make your entry feel larger and airier.


A Place to Sit


One thing that most entryways tend to miss is a place to sit. Naturally, you’re not going to invite people to pull up a chair in your front foyer. Still, a place to sit gives a convenient place to slip on shoes or sort through the mail when coming and going. What’s more, a bench can double as a clever storage solution for shoes and jackets to help cut down on clutter. Look for a bench with shelving or one that hinges open to make your entryway comfortable and convenient.


Don’t forget Greenery


Don’t forget your greenery! A small houseplant on the table or a large one in an empty corner will breathe life into your entryway. Plus houseplants give us a reason to come home, since they can’t water themselves.

In the end, whatever you end up choosing for your entryway table, make sure the final result reflects you. If it doesn’t make you happy, pitch it and start over! Redecorate and tweak until you have an entryway space that makes you sigh with happiness every day.