How To Make A DIY Doormat


  • blank doormat– which can be bought at
  • adhesive vinyl or freezer paper
  • hello stencil found here– A Cricut to cut out mine, but you can print out on 2 sheets of freezer paper and cut with scissors or a craft knife as well.
  • paint– Any craft paint will do, just check to ensure it can be used for outdoor applications.
  • Stiff paint brush or stippling brush or spray paint. Because of the dense natural fibers make sure to put enough paint to create a good enough layer


  1. Create your stencil using the freezer paper method or with adhesive vinyl.
  2. Position your stencil in the desired location on your doormat. Iron on the freezer paper stencil or peel the backing paper back to set your adhesive vinyl.
  3. Paint Your design take care to use an up and down motion, especially around the edges, to ensure you create crisp edges on your letters.
  4. Remove the stencil, and allow it to dry for at least 24 hours before using. As a final step, if you wish, add a clear coat to the painted area to protect it and make it last longer.

The final DIY doormat is fun and perfect for giving your entry a fun summer vibe!