How to Buy the Right Entrance Matting.

Choosing the right entrance matting system can be a daunting experience. There are plenty of options available in the market, from cheap commodity products and rental mats to an array of custom matting products. We would like to help make this process less of a challenge and more of a logical progression towards a flooring product that works well for your premises. Here are a few questions you should answer in order to purchase the right mat. What is the purpose of the mat? Where the purpose of all mats is to help keep the premises clean, only a good quality mat will scrape, collect, hold, and hide dirt and moisture. Do you require custom fitting for angles or around poles or doorways? Not all premises need a simple mat placed outside the doorway just as it is. Some entrances need the mat to fit different entrance designs, poles, or doorways. In these cases, we can customize the mat for you by providing you with measuring services and templates. Is the matting recessed or free standing? Mats for recessed wells at the entrance must be made differently from freestanding mats. We offer various recessed well product options, so you get a mat that fits flush and works flawlessly. Companies often try out Metal Pedi mats, but discover they are noisy and ineffective in controlling dirt and moisture. Moreover, they cost up to 10 times more than alternative products! A more pragmatic choice would be Debris Trap, Viper 9100 or Everscrape products that we stock. They cost you less and are more efficient. Contact us for details. Do you require a custom logo? Would you like to display your company name and logo on the mat to indicate location as well as to publicize your brand assets? We offer a variety of custom logo mats in a wide range of materials, styles, and sizes. Read this post to know all about them. What colour should you choose? Over 90% of mat sold are in charcoal colors. This is because their neutral color shades match most decors, and their darker color best hides dirt and grease that track in from the street. Should you choose cost-saving Commodity Matting? Commodity matting is not always a good choice. The mats are often ineffective in "performing"- they do not scrape, collect, hold, and hide dirt. The cost to remove a pound of dirt is estimated at $650. An estimated 1,000 people tracking over mats, generate one pound of dirt. The better the mat, the lesser the dirt they allow into your building. Less dirt means lower cleaning costs and a more sanitary and professional appearance for the building. Why not rent mats instead of purchasing? Renting mats would be appropriate for areas with heavy oil and grease. If that does not describe your commercial or business premises, rented mats are an unnecessary expense, a toll on our environment, and they present a serious tripping hazard. They do not scrape, collect, hold, or hide dirt, thus defeating the purpose of having a mat. Purchasing mats is not as expensive as you may have assumed. Typically, you can purchase a quality entrance mat with heavy duty edges for approximately the same cost as one year’s rental…and you will own the mat! A quality entrance mat will last at least 5 years, if not longer. These mats require the same cleaning and daily vacuuming that rental mats require, with periodic extraction—as often as you would extract the carpets in your building. Ask you cleaners how often they clean the rental mats (they should be vacuuming daily). Given that, why do the mats need to be washed once a week? Good quality matting is far superior in scraping, collecting, holding, and hiding dirt and moisture. It imparts an upscale look to your building and helps create a great first impression. Also, high quality matting performs through the day to help keep your building clean and hygienic. Quality mats will outlast commodity and rental mats by many years and in doing so, not only do they save you money, but they also limit your contribution to landfills. Get in touch with us to know about our various Viper products for top performing mats that will fit your budget and your cleaning needs. Call us at (800) 624-0041 or email us and we will be glad to help you.