How Do I Keep My Door Mat From Sliding?

If you've already purchased your doormats, you'll want to double-check that they're in good working order. This involves evaluating your mats on a regular basis for damage and then taking the required steps to repair, restore, or replace them if they fail the examination. Here are three things you can do to keep your door mats from slipping.

Keep your mat clean on a regular basis. The majority of high-quality commercial door mats can last weeks without needing to be cleaned. They don't show dirt, dry quickly, and are made with "non-crush" technology, so they look brand new and never used. However, they will need to be cleaned at some point to ensure that the fibres are not clogged with debris and that they can continue to function effectively. To properly care for your doormat, always adhere to the mat manufacturer's care instructions.

Maintain the condition of your flooring. As important as it is to keep your matting clean and free of damage, you must also ensure that the flooring beneath the mat is in good shape. It's easy to overlook the state of the floor beneath a huge doormat, especially if the mat is really large. If water has accumulated on the floor and mould or mildew has developed, your doormat may slip. As a result, it's critical to periodically remove your doormat and clean beneath it.

Backings and pads for mats. The chances of you needing any form of mat backing or cushioning if you buy a high-quality doormat are extremely minimal. If you're trying to keep an older mat in place until a new one arrives, you might try placing a rubberized mat backing under it or spraying it with a grip glue to hold it in place. Mat backings, on the other hand, are notoriously inefficient at keeping a commercial doormat in place for any period of time. Investing in a high-quality doormat is the greatest way to protect it from slipping. Keeping a doormat from sliding is a problem with the mat's quality. A cheap, poorly constructed mat simply will not resist slippage.

In addition, maintaining the safety and integrity of your doormat requires regular doormat care. A mat that has been excessively stained will not perform as well as one that has been cleaned correctly. It's also crucial to inspect mats on a regular basis for damage, standing water, and mildew and/or mould growth. Canada Mats can assist you in locating the ideal doormats to keep your floor space hazard-free and your employees and customers safe, so take a look at all of the high-quality alternatives available today and make your workplace a safer place for everyone!