Here Are Four Quick Reasons Why Commercial Entryway Mats Are Important

Cut back on cleaning costs

Studies show that over 80% of the dirt and debris that contaminate a building comes from shoe bottoms, and it costs (on average) over $500 to clean up one pound of strewn-about dirt! When there is typical commercial activity, just 16 feet of performance matting like this keeps 75% of dirt, dust, and moisture from entering your facility past the threshold.

Reduce Floor Wear And Damage

Shoes bring in sand, grime, grit, and dust. and everyone is willing to ruin your floors. Entrance mats that are installed properly catch dirt before it may damage your floors and prolong their appearance. In order to maintain warranty coverage, many manufacturers of commercial flooring even require the installation of entrance matting! If you install a quality entrance mat, your flooring will last twice as long.

Eliminates Risk of Accidental Fall

The Occupier's Liability Act in British Columbia declares that anyone who is "in physical possession of premises" or "has responsibility for, and control over, the condition of premises, the activities conducted on those premises, and the persons allowed to enter those premises" is a "occupier" of the premises and is accountable for maintaining them in a reasonably safe condition. That includes building owners and managers like you! You can help reduce your liability for these types of injuries by establishing a system of regular maintenance and inspections (together with a recorded logbook) and taking care to keep your floors as clean and dry as reasonably practical.A proper entry matting system that is big enough and strong enough to manage the foot traffic your facility encounters is the easiest way to do this.

4. Increase Renter Retention

As working from home grows more and more prevalent, vacant spaces are becoming more and more common in office buildings and other business facilities. Many people today worry about cleanliness, so if your building appears to be well-kept, tenants will feel more at ease visiting and using your spaces. When your building has high-quality matting at the entrance, it will stand out from the competition and show your tenants that you care about the little things.