Heated Mats: Protect Your Feet and Productivity this Winter.

If you work from home, you would know first-hand what a challenge it is to work when the temperature dips. Sipping plenty of hot coffee and wearing layers of woollies help, but some days even that is not enough. Don't let your productivity take a dip with the temperature.

Check out heated mats from Canadamats that will make working on cold winter days a warm experience. These products keep feet warm and help circulation, both of which keep feet comfortable. Without the distraction of discomfort, you are free to concentrate on your business tasks and needs.


Heated Floor Mats 

These mats are made from a heavy-duty waterproof rubber that gives off direct, absorbed heat to your feet. The mats are energy-efficient, requiring 90-135 watts only whereas space heaters require between 1,500 to 2,500 watts of electricity. This mat is a smarter, more affordable choice that keeps the bills down and does not take an extra thick slice out of your profitability. The mat emits heat gently, so no fear of getting scorched by dangerously heated products. It offers heat straight to that part of your body that loses heat the fastest: your feet! This helps keep the rest of your body warm as well.


Cozy Toes Carpeted Foot Warmer 

An even more cost effective way to keep feet warm at home or in your office, the Cozy Toes Foot Warmer does the job at a fraction of the cost. The carpeted surface will be soft for your feet and is an ideal solution for places with cold, hard floors. It uses only 50 watts of electricity compared to 1500 watts used by space heaters. These mats are also good on safety as they come molded within rubber to eliminate the danger of fire or electric shocks. The mat has one temperature setting that is enough to warm you up, making it a great purchase for places that have chilly but not biting cold winters.


Indoor Heated Mats 

These useful mats can be used at home or in offices, workshops, basements…wherever warm flooring is need to keep feet comfortable enough to make working easy. These mats heat up to 54C or 130F within 5 minutes. Energy efficient, these mats use less energy than a light bulb , drawing only 80 watts or 240 watts of energy depending on the size of mat you choose. The surface design delivers a passive foot massage as you stand and move on the mat. The mat gives of a uniformed, radiant heat that is thermostatically controlled so heat is maintained at a constant temperature. The mat has a molded rubber frame that eliminates the danger of fire or electrical shock.



Heated Footrest 

The ergonomically designed Heated Footrest gives feet the support, rest, and warmth they need to be comfortable. And we know how important that is when you need to get any serious work done. The footrest has an adjustable angle, 2 heat settings, and requires only 90 watts of wattage to work. The energy efficient Heated Footrest uses 1/10 of the energy used by most space-heaters, so it's easy on your wallet as well. You can opt to buy the optional Foot Cozy Fleece Pouch cover. It can be attached easily to the Heated Footrest with the help of elastic straps. The pouch will lock in the warmth, keeping toes warm and comfortable, with or without socks. It's a boon on a particularly cold day. The pouch is washable and easy to keep clean.

If you have to put in late nights for a project, presentation or a business pitch, you will find these two products extremely helpful, as they keep feet warm and make you comfortable enough to concentrate and get work done. Now that winter is here, why not give these two products a try?