Heated Mats - Make The Right Choice For You!

As per latest reports, winter is coming! In consideration of the on-coming extreme cold weather we advise you to bring out the winter wear so you can - bundle up, wear layers, stay dry and stay safe. Follow essential safety tips and/or invest in high quality heated mats to avoid being injured in a slip and fall accident. Untreated/snowed in surfaces tend to get slippery and highly dangerous. If is of utmost importance that you create a safe space for you and your family outside your home. And, if you are a business then the safety and well being of your employees and customers during winter must always be top priority. At Canada Mats, we carry three lines of heated snow melting mats. Check out the key differences between the Heattrak, Premium Heated Blocks, and the Premium Heated Flakes mats below. Select your ideal system, mix and match all kinds of mats to create a chain of heated mats that fits your needs. Stay safe Canada!!