Heated Mats, Information and Tips

It’s never too early to start preparing for winter in Canada; a good way to start is coming up with a preventative measure to rid of shoveling. A good way to go about doing this is lining your driveway with heated mats as well as laying down some heated walkways, heated doormats, and there’s even have heated stair mats. If you had your place fully decked out in snow melting mats you might NEVER HAVE TO SHOVEL AGAIN. Could you imagine? So if you aren’t keen on shoveling I would consider picking up some heated mats soon, before they sell out. Here are a few of my favourites:
The classic walkway snow melting mat, at 32 inches wide it’s about the perfect size for most walkways, not too big, not too small, but you could always lay a couple down side by side for super thick areas. Heated walkway mats are perfect for lining pathways to outdoor pools or hot tubs because they can get wet and won’t get icy or slippery, like pavement. These super durable heated mats are also great for the driveway, as they can easily hold the weight of cars. Heated stair treads are almost mandatory for a snowy winter if you have stairs leading up to your home or office. Stairs can sometimes be too tricky to get your shovel into and ice can build up on them. The heated stair mats are 11” by 38” and you can hook together up to ten on one circuit. If I was to choose just one heated item, I would probably pick the heated doormat, especially if your door is not covered by an overhang. These heated doormats are 24” x 36” and can prevent a lot of snow and wetness from making its way into your house. These also make for a great area for your dog to dry off on. (Above picture is actually a few of the heated doormats strung together, you can do up to five at a time.) Some tips and great heated mat features:
  • Up to 10 anti-slip rubber stair-treads or 4 large anti-slip rubber walkway mats on one circuit
  • These anti-slip heated outdoor rubber mats are designed to stay put, their weight and design allow them to remain in place all winter long
  • Heated mats are made to withstand harsh winter conditions. The mats are built to be left out all winter long, simply wash them in the spring and store.
  • Made of 100% virgin SBR molded rubber, the outdoor mats offer unbeatable function and durability.
  • Our anti-slip heated outdoor rubber mats are designed to last! No step of the design or manufacturing process has been overlooked providing users with a dependable product all winter long. Our mats are designed to withstand extreme winter conditions and high traffic volume. So shoveling around your home or business will be a thing of the past!
  • These heated rubber mats are such that water cannot infiltrate the heating or electrical system. There is no possibility of water infiltration whatsoever by encasing the heating system and connectors in molded rubber.