Happy Canada Day!

Here in Canada we go through a lot of different weather, temperatures can range from -40 to +40, and the places that do get up to +40 usually don't stay that hot for too long. Most of Canada receives a fair amount of rain or snow for about 9 months out of the year, this can be unfortunate at times, but we still love it, and that's why we live here. Canada Mats doesn't mind the weather at all because we love working in the mat business. So we might as well embrace the weather with style right? Doormats are an important factor in keeping dirt, grime, slush, and mud at the front door. Check out this chic "Peacock Swirls" mat for example, or make your guests chuckle with a funny doormat like our "Got Dirt?" mat. Another important mat that many Canadians should consider investing in, is one of our snow melting mats, this will prevent many slips and falls, reducing injuries, and reducing the amount of time spent shoveling walkways. I think we can all agree that outdoor mats are pretty much mandatory in Canada if you want to maintain a tidy house!
We'd like to thank all of our existing customers, and welcome the new ones. Have a great Canada Day.