Guide to Ribbed Entrance Mats

We provide plenty of customers with advice on the best entrance mats to utilise at their properties as one of Canada's top entrance mat providers. Ribbed mats are a great alternative since they have special channels that effectively catch dirt and lessen the amount of cleaning necessary.

What are Ribbed Door Mats?

A unique design of 100% polypropylene carpet pile is used to create ribbed doormats, which are excellent at capturing dirt. They are hence a common option for entrance areas at businesses, shops, schools, churches, and other places with heavy foot traffic.

A crucial feature for entry mats, ribbed doormats are 100% vinyl-backed and have non-slip properties to ensure they stay firmly in place.


Advantages of Using Ribbed Entrance Mats

Because it is so absorbent, ribbed entrance carpet helps to decrease the amount of accidents, slips, and falls. The ribbed type entrance mat provides a surface to remove the moisture and dirt from the bottom of shoes and keep it contained until the time comes to clean the ribbed mat, which helps minimise the cleaning bill at offices, in schools, hotels, and leisure locations.

Ribbed mats are a wise investment because of their durability; they will last for many years. Doormats with ribs have a high crush resistance and can withstand repeated foot traffic. Additionally, the dark colours offered by Canada Mats will cover up any stains and dirt smudges, giving your entrance a polished and magnificent appearance. The ribbed doormats that are offered on our website feature bevelled borders to make it simple for pushchairs, wheelchairs, trolleys, suitcases, and other items to pass through.

It might be difficult to keep spaces quiet for visitors or residents, so property managers and hotel management frequently choose ribbed entrance mats since they cover a broad area and help to reduce entrance noise from heels and shoes. They provide additional insulation as well as a polished, businesslike appearance.

Cleaning Ribbed Doormats

Cleaning your ribbed doormat will improve its performance. When they are well-maintained, they will absorb more and trap more dirt, assisting in halting the passage of dust, moisture, and outside debris. The majority of the dirt on loose-lay ribbed entrance mats can be removed by shaking them out, and the remaining dirt that is trapped in the ribbed channels can be removed by vacuuming. Many of our clients value low maintenance, and ribbed entrance mats certainly fit that description.

Choosing a ribbed entrance carpet is more affordable.

Entrance mats with ribs are reasonably priced, making them a popular option for people looking for durable floor or entrance mats. This does not, however, imply a reduction in quality, as the staff at Canada Mats is pleased to provide a two year guarantee on the Budget Ribbed Entrance Mat.

Ribbed doormats and the cost reductions they offer will be appreciated by customers searching for indoor matting that is highly absorbent, dries very rapidly, and does not have a fluffy pile. Even better, if you live in the North America, a ribbed entrance mat will be provided gratis in 1-2 business days.


Our ribbed entry mat is only available in conventional sizes, but we can make a variety of entrance mats in bespoke sizes as well. These sizes range from 60 cm x 85 cm to 120 cm x 240 cm or 85 cm x 300 cm. This indicates that we are able to satisfy a wide range of consumer demands. In the event that this is not possible, we offer a variety of made-to-measure matting options.

Ribbed Door Mats Prevent Dirt

Installing ribbed doormats at your access points will protect your floors and save down on cleaning expenses. It is possible to have stylish entry mats without going over budget.

If you have any inquiries about locating an appropriate ribbed entry mat, give us a call right away or fill out an inquiry form.