Give your Garage Floor A Break – With Floor Mats!

Of all the floors in your home, the garage floor is the one that has the toughest job of all. It is the garage floor that is most often exposed to vehicular fluids, grime and oil. Sure, perhaps there was a time – long long ago – when it was a given that garages were meant to be covered with dirt and oil.. but times have changed! Garages have become more than just a place to park our cars and bikes. Today, a garage has become something that we showcase to the entire neighborhood, it has become a recreation room, a must have workshop or even a man cave. Now, to the important part; even though the garage floor is made of concrete and we think it can survive the daily onslaught we subject it too – there is a small shortcoming (we tend to ignore) to concrete. Though tough and durable, concrete is also quite porous. What does that mean for your garage floor? It means, all the fluid leaks from vehicles and grime from tires can quickly work their way into the concrete and stain the flooring. Not only does this make the garage look quite ugly - oil and fluid stains have the bad tendency to attract and hold more dirt and grime, which in turn, unfortunately gets tracked into the house or car. Nowadays, you get to buy cool benches, cabinets, slatwall, lighting, vintage automobilia etc etc to turn the tired old garage into a top of the line work of art! But of all the countless items you buy and can use to transform your garage, the most important of them all is – proper garage flooring. Covering up that bare, grey concrete with a bit of color, texture, and pattern instantly converts your garage into a genuine living space. These Garage Floor Mats will keep the floor clean and newer looking by covering its older, stained and damaged appearance. It catches every speck of dirt, mud, slush and grime that fall off your vehicles and therefore keep dirt from tracking inside your home. With this one product you get – a new showroom’esque garage, damage protection for your garage floor and damage control for your home! With so many garage floor mat options to choose from, we agree that getting the right one for you could be quite intimidating! Canada Mats has a wide variety of garage floor mat options clubbed into categories to make it easy for you to select the type of garage flooring you want. So, to make it all the more easier, we thought we could talk a little bit about these flooring options and the categories so there will be no more excuses to get your showroom (we mean your garage) today. Roll Out Garage Floor Mats Roll Out Garage Mats For those of you that want to give your entire garage floor a full makeover, then a complete system of roll out garage floor mats could be what you are looking for. These are made up of the polyvinyl and available in longer lengths to cover the full length of the garage floor in widths up to 10 feet. You can butt them up against each other using seam tape on the bottom or overlap them to appear almost seamless. They are cut to fit with a razor knife or heavy duty scissors and installed in minutes instead of hours or even days like many other floor covering options. The advantage to roll out garage floor mats is that they easily hide all the cracks, stains, and other defects in your entire floor. They give your garage a nice finished look and can even get rid of that musty garage smell. Furthermore, cleanup of the floor is so much easier. Just a soft broom or light mopping is all that is required for most debris. Unlike epoxy and some interlocking tiles, an entire floor mat system will also absorb sound and not create that hollow sound to your garage when it’s empty. We have a wide variety of Garage Roll Out Mats for you to look at: Coin Pattern Roll Out Mat, Diamond Pattern Roll Out Mat, Granite Spek Roll Out Mat In Ceramic Pattern, Granite Spek Roll Out Mat In Diamond Pattern, Levant Pattern Roll Out Mat, Metallic Silver Diamond Roll Out Mat, and Ribbed Pattern Roll Out Mat Garage Floor Tiles Garage Floor Tiles Rigid snap-together tiles These are made of a stiffer plastic than the flexible tiles shown below. Because of that, they can handle heavier loads, which is important if you use floor jacks or kickstands. They also expand and contract less than the flexible tiles during extreme weather conditions. They come in many different colors and styles, including perforated versions that drain spills and snowmelt, making mold beneath the tiles and slippery spots on top less of an issue. They’re easy to clean and are more chemical resistant than softer plastic tiles or mats. They do make a clacking noise when you walk on them. Like the other coverings, they’re easy to install. All you do is line up the tiles, step on them and click the male and female loops together. Interlocking flexible tiles These are typically 12 x 12-in. or 18 x 18-in. flexible plastic tiles that come in a bunch of cool patterns and colors that allow you to create custom designs in your garage. To install them, you cut the tiles with a utility knife and then tap or press the interlocking edges together with a rubber mallet or wallpaper roller. They’re more slip resistant than Rollout flooring, and compared with rigid snap-together tiles, they offer better resistance to liquid seepage through the seams and are more comfortable underfoot. Flexible tiles are subject to staining, but unlike mats, damaged tiles can be easily replaced. The tiles do contract and expand in extreme temperature changes and with exposure to direct sunlight, so leave expansion room near walls and other obstacles. Our Garage Floor Tiles include: Tire Tread Garage Floor Tiles, Race Deck Tuff Shield Garage Tile, Coin Pattern Garage Floor Tiles, Diamond Race Deck Garage Flooring, Circle Trac Garage Floor Tile, Drain Pattern Garage Floor Tiles, Free Flow Garage Floor Tiles, Free Flow Garage XL Floor Tiles, Harley Davidson Garage Floor Tiles Containment Mats/Parking Pads Containment Mats Containment Mats If you live where the weather conditions are more extreme and your vehicle tracks in an abundance of debris, then a containment parking mat might be what you need. These garage floor mats are designed with a raised edge around the mat which enables it to contain gallons of liquid at a time without leaking onto the garage floor. These come in handy in really wet or snowy climates where all that rain water, snow, slush and road salts can deposit itself onto the floor making for a slippery mess. When you are ready to clean out the mat, you just squeegee all that water out the garage door and onto the driveway. You can find and select the best containment mat for you from these options: Garage Containment Mats, Park Smart Garage Parking Containment Mats and Heavy Duty Park Smart Garage Parking Containment Mats Parking Pads Parking Pads Garage floor parking mats come in a variety of sizes to fit your vehicle and are used primarily as a parking pad. They will protect your garage floor from the various elements that can be deposited from your vehicle. Like most garage floor coverings, they will keep your floor free from oils, anti-freeze, road salts, and other vehicular fluids. They can also collect mud and debris that you don’t want tracked onto your garage floor. You can find some of the best parking pads with: Checkered Pattern Parking Pads and Granite Tile Parking Pads Made of polyvinyl, these rubber-like mats can be from 55 mils to 85 mils thick depending on the application. They are available in different patterns such as coin, ribbed, or diamond and in an assortment of colors as well. They are easy to clean and can be pulled out onto the driveway to be hosed down if you like. They even make parking mats for motorcycles. Garage Anti-Fatigue Mats There are a variety of specialty mats for the garage that can perform many functions as well. If your time in the garage is spent hovering over a workbench or possibly doing the laundry, then you might want to invest in an anti-fatigue mat. These mats are designed to help keep your legs and feet feeling fresh when standing on a hard surface such as concrete for extended times. Take a look at some of our Garage Anti-Fatigue Mats: G Floor Anti Fatigue Mats and Maxum Industrial Anti Fatigue Mats We hope that we have brought you that much closer to buying the Garage Floor Mats of your choice. If you have questions or need any help, please do call us at or email us at and we will be happy to help you. 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