Get Yourself the Right Martial Arts Mat

martial-artsKarate Kid, Kung Fu Panda, Jackie Chan, UFC, self defence, kick-ass health and fitness (literally), entertainment... whatever be the reason you chose to practice Martial Arts... we are totally with you on it! But hey... we do also care about you and safety. Of course, we do realise that Martial Arts is a full-contact combat sport and a few injuries are to be expected when you are getting your lights punched out by your opponent! But, today we are not talking about a bleeding nose, cut lips or numerous other side effects of kicking ass or getting your ass kicked... What we would like to talk about today is perhaps one of the last things you would consider – the floor! Yeah, we can literally hear those “question marks” on your face! Whether you are practicing martial arts at home or at your local dojo or even participating in a competition – consider this - the impact of jumping, being thrown or bounced off on a cement floor!! Training on a hard floor takes its toll on the body in many ways. Doing forms, running through techniques, or sparring on a hard floor can quickly wear down your feet, your back, and your knees. And when getting slammed on the floor during a throw, serious injury could occur to bones, joints, and head. For the sake of your poor body, properly matting the training space is off utmost importance. Whether you practice grappling, karate, taekwondo or MMA, in your home or if you are setting up a studio to teach like-minded Martial Arts enthusiasts, choosing the right mat is critical. We carry a variety of martial arts mats that are ideal for all types of martial arts and multipurpose training. Let’s talk a little bit about these mats so you get to the make the right choice that is best suited for you. Tatami Mats or Puzzle Mats EconomyMartialArts-PuzzleMatThe most traditional type of mat, found in most Japanese martial arts studios, is the Tatami mat. However the traditional Tatami mat is rarely used in the U.S. What is now used in its place is foam tiles (puzzle mats) that has the surface appearance of a Tatami mat. These tiles absorb shocks from falls, insulate well, are easy to install, and completely water proof. The Foam Puzzle Mats is a cost-efficient choice when it comes to martial arts training surfaces. These are less expensive when compared to other matting surfaces. Puzzle Mats come as individual pieces in square with the edges cut to look like puzzle pieces. These puzzle pieces fit together with one another to cover the entire training space. Though the puzzle mats are cost-efficient, they are not very thick or shock absorbent and should not ideally be used for the more impact Martial Arts styles. They are ideal for stand up/striking/kicking forms of martial arts where you may on occasion fall down. Our line-up of great quality Puzzle Mats will do the traditional Tatami Mats proud and gives your battered body the relief it needs. Take a look at our Economy Martial Art Puzzle Mats; Jumbo Reversible Soft Floors; Premium Puzzle Mats; and Sparring Puzzle Mats Wrestling or Folding Mats tumblingmatsThese types of mats are more common in use of a grappling style of martial arts. These mats are soft, lightweight, easy to clean and easy fold or customize. Made with a layer of high-impact foam and coated with protective, non-stick vinyl, these mats are good for martial arts styles like wrestling, aikido, jiu jitsu, and judo. Quite a popular grappling mat solution for the home dojo scenario, the folding mats are portable can be put down on the floor whenever needed and is equally easy to store. These mats are expandable and can easily be velcroed or taped together to form larger training surfaces. Note: When practicing Judo on these mats, try and avoid too many slams to the ground. As these mats are very soft, you will feel the impact all the way to the floor. The softness of the mat will give way to your feet and they will easily sink into the mats and make it harder to manoeuvre around, outside of basic movement. Minor injuries can occur easier if training a standing/striking/kicking art on these mats. Our line up of top quality Folding mats include: Combo Martial Arts Mats; All Purpose Tumbling Mats; Tumbling Super Mats; Competitor Folding Mats and Karate Mats Roll Out Mats RollOutMatsThe most recent type of mat that has been developed is a Judo mat or roll out mat. Roll out mats consist of firm top surface, but a softer foam surface underneath. This allows the judo practitioner to manoeuvre around on the mat, without their feet sinking in, as well as being able to get slammed to the ground. These mats are also the most popular choice for mixed martial arts (MMA) training. Home users also like these mats since they are portable and can be rolled up and stored after use. We have just the right roll out mat for you with our Martial Arts Mats - 1-5/8th" Thick mat Competition Landing Mats/ Crash Pads CompetitionMatsFor high impact landings we recommend Crash Pads that are at least two inches thick or more for throws. Folding mats and Crash Pads are available in thicknesses up to 12 inches and are made with durable 18 oz commercial grade vinyl covers. These are ideal for practicing rolls, falls and take downs. For the perfect crash pads or competition landing mats take a look at our Competition Landing Mats 12 cm thick and the Competition Landing Mats 20 cm thick As is quite clear, there are many mats and floor options available today designed to make your martial arts training safer and more comfortable. Each type of mat has its own style and serves its own purpose. For more products and information take a look at our martial arts page for more information on each product. Please call us at or email us at if you have any questions regarding the products and we will be happy to help you Sources: