Elevate Your Elevator Space: Introducing CM Viper 8925 High Traffic Wiper/Scraper Matting

Regarding elevator spaces, maintaining cleanliness and safety is of utmost importance. The CM Viper 8925 High Traffic Wiper/Scraper Matting is the perfect solution to meet these needs. It removes dirt and moisture and adds a touch of luxury to any environment, making it ideal for posh hotel lobbies and high-end foyers.

Superior Dirt and Moisture Removal

The CM Viper 8925 matting is designed with a wiper/scraper action, which means it aggressively removes dirt and wicks away water with every step. This feature ensures that your elevator floor stays clean and safe, reducing the risk of slips and falls. In addition, no matter the weather conditions or the level of foot traffic, these mats excel in keeping the interior of your building free from dirt and moisture.

Concealing Dirt with Style

With its random tufted pattern and dark coloring, the CM Viper 8925 matting is highly effective at making small patches of dirt virtually invisible. This helps maintain the cleanliness of your elevator space and contributes to its overall aesthetic appeal. In addition, the luxurious appearance of the matting blends seamlessly with the ambiance of posh hotel lobbies and high-end foyers, enhancing the visual appeal of your building's interior.

An exquisite CM Viper 8925 elevator matting has been set up at the Belvedere building in Burnaby, BC. It's an excellent solution for areas with high foot traffic and will help maintain the cleanliness and safety of the floors.

Easy Transition for Foot Traffic and Mobility Aids

The low pile of the CM Viper 8925 matting and its heavy-duty vinyl ramp edging allow for a smooth transition of foot traffic, carts, and wheelchairs. This feature ensures a seamless movement experience for all occupants, including those with mobility aids. In addition, the matting provides a level surface that facilitates smooth navigation within the elevator, making it accessible to everyone.

Durable Vinyl Backing for Moisture Protection

Moisture seeping onto the elevator floor can cause damage and pose safety hazards. However, this concern is effectively addressed with the CM Viper 8925 matting. The matting features a durable vinyl backing that acts as a barrier, preventing moisture from penetrating through and reaching the floor. This feature ensures the longevity of both the matting and the underlying floor, reducing maintenance costs and enhancing safety.

The CM Viper 8925 High Traffic Wiper/Scraper Matting offers a comprehensive elevator solution, combining effectiveness, aesthetics, and durability. With its superior dirt and moisture removal capabilities, ability to conceal dirt, easy transition for foot traffic and mobility aids, and moisture-protective vinyl backing, this matting ensures a safe, clean, and visually appealing elevator space.

Elevate your elevator experience with CM Viper 8925 matting and enjoy its benefits to your building's interior.