Discover Superior Martial Arts Mats from Canada Mats

Are you seeking the ultimate in safety, durability, and performance for your martial arts practice or athletic facility? Look no further than Canada Mats’ premium selection of Martial Arts Mats, designed to meet the rigorous demands of combat sports, gymnastics, cheerleading, and more. Our mats combine cutting-edge materials with precision craftsmanship to ensure your safety and enhance your performance.


Roll-Out Combat Mats: Lightweight and Versatile

Ideal for competitions and events, our Roll-Out Combat Mats are engineered for quick setup, easy transport, and optimal performance. Crafted from shock-absorbent EVA foam with a durable carpet surface, these mats offer superior impact protection, reducing the risk of injuries during intense athletic activities. 


1-3/8” Cross Link Foam Mats: Versatility and Durability Combined

Our 1-3/8” Cross Link Foam Mats are designed for intermediate to advanced users in various athletic disciplines, including cheerleading, gymnastics, and beyond. Featuring a lightweight yet sturdy construction, these mats boast a shock-absorbent foam core and a robust vinyl surface, ensuring both comfort and resilience. 

Cutting-Edge Foam Technologies: Engineered for Excellence

At Canada Mats, we offer a range of foam options to suit diverse training needs:

Cross Link Foam Mats: Designed to enhance stability and prevent heel digging, our Cross Link Foam Mats feature premium foam that offers unparalleled firmness and reduces the risk of injuries during intensive workouts.


Dual Foam Core System: Combining Cross Link and Rebond foams, this innovative system delivers a perfect balance of support and shock absorption. The firm top layer provides stability, while the absorbent bottom layer minimizes impact during high-energy activities.

Polyurethane Foam (PU Foam): Known for its density and durability, PU Foam provides excellent cushioning and shock absorption, making it suitable for a wide range of workouts and activities involving falling and tumbling.

Rebond Foam: Crafted from recycled foam pieces bonded together, Rebond Foam offers exceptional shock absorption and durability, making it an excellent choice for activities that involve heavy tumbling and falls.

    Elevate Your Training with Canada Mats

    Whether you're outfitting a martial arts studio, gym, or recreational facility, Canada Mats’ Martial Arts Mats provide the quality and performance you can trust. Our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction ensures that each mat meets the highest standards of safety and durability. Discover the difference with Canada Mats today!