Desk Pads – What’s In It For You?!

As promised we are talking about Desk Mats this week! You know... the kind that you keep on your desk to protect it from all sorts of damage... We're quite sure many of you are wondering... What are Desk Mats... and why should I use one? And, we are here to say... once you use a Desk Mat, there is no turning back! Here are some reasons why...
  • If at any point you have experienced - damage to your desk from a leaky pen, coffee spills or nasty scratches from a bracelet or a cuff link – then you will most definitely appreciate the need for a desk mat. Yes, a good quality desk mat is meant to protect your expensive work desk.
  • A desk mat provides a perfectly flat padded surface. This makes for a great writing surface that ensures your pen works correctly, your paper does not tear, you do not leave an imprint on your desk, prevents paper shifting/movement (if you opt for a non-skid foam backing) and most importantly - helps lessen stress and fatigue from hours of writing. Therefore the desk mat offers the obvious health benefits - increasing creativity and productivity with better ergonomics at your desk.
  • A desk mat helps keep clutter to a minimum and enhance the look of your desk and office! With a beautiful looking desk (and a gorgeous desk mat too!) you will make a lasting impression and a powerful statement to all your clients, co-workers and your boss. A clutter free work space will motivate you to get your work done, makes you efficient, and improves your productivity.
Now at Canada Mats, we have a wide variety of desk mats made from materials such as polycarbonate and vinyl in a range of jaw dropping designs. Pick from one of these and we assure you, you will love it and wonder how you ever made do without one! Ok, moving on to showing you some of the Desk Mats that we have... All our desk mats are clear with its vivid patterns printed directly underneath the mat ensuring a mat that will keep looking new for a really long time. Our mats are extremely durable made with high quality materials and are resistant to scratches and damages caused by everyday office wear. Circles Desk Mat Circles Desk Mat This contemporary design gives you the perfect desk mat to match with our equally beautiful Contemporary Circles Chair Mat. Big Ben Desk Mat Big Ben Desk Mat Haven't been too London? No worries, this Big Ben Desk Mat will give you the feel off having been there day after day - after all you will have the image of their famous landmark on your desk!!! Not just a pretty looking mat, this Big Ben will protect your mat from unnecessary damage. Compass Desk Mat Compass Desk Mat This one desk mat will just make your expensive desk look even more expensive, not to mention comment worthy beautiful! Have all your work mates or even your clients eye your desk in envy Leaves Desk Mat Leaves Desk Mat The leaves design desk mat in addition to desk damage prevention is meant to bring peace to all your nature loving souls! Enough said! Polycarbonate Anti Slip Desk Mat Polycarbonate Anti Slip Desk Mat The Polycarbonate Desk Mats are made from polycarbonate which offers superior durability and clarity. These desk pads feature an embossed surface that offers maximum mouse performance and an anti-slip backing that keeps the mat in place. Designed with polycarbonate, this desk pad will not curl, discolor or yellow over time like other PVC mats and are 100% recyclable. Perfect for people suffering from allergies because these mats have negligible chemical emissions. World Map Desk Mat World Map Desk Mat The World Map Desk mat has been designed for all you ardent travellers. Let this beautiful mat remind you of all your past adventures and the ones you are planning for in the future. Of course, these are just a few of the designs that we carry. Please visit our Desk Mats page to see more and hopefully find a mat that you absolutely fall in love with. If you have any questions or doubts please feel free to get in touch with us and we will be happy to help you.