Dance Like No One Is Watching..

"Behind every dancer there's someone that broke her, a song that moved her, a moment that inspired her and a dance floor that healed her." Author: Hope Alcocer We may not know who Hope Alcocer is but we whole-heartedly agree with her on how crucial dance flooring is to dancers and dancing! Whether you are a professional or an amateur dancer, whether you are dancing in a studio, a concert, and competitions, at an exhibit, at a wedding or any other special event – having the right dance floor is crucial! Dance DeckFrom ballet to modern to tap to jazz to hip hop, from pointe to contact improvisation, from the coordinated to uncoordinated.. a suitable floor is a critical element in the health and safety of the dancers. Even in the short-term, dancing on concrete and other hard floors can potentially cause injury, pain and/or irreversible damage to not only your feet and legs, but your entire body. High quality dance floors provide a safe surface that is durable, resilient, pliable, and prevent injuries. At Canada Mats, we offer a line of portable dance floors that provides the ideal and safe solution for every type of event, facility or venue. You can choose from 3 portable styles – Dance Floors, Dance Floors Deluxe and Dance Floors Pro. All three portable dance floor types give you the opportunity to create breathtaking dance floors quick and easy, pretty much anywhere. Our portable dance floors are modular and durable, with lightweight tiles and panels, making it easy for even one person to manage. Assembling and disassembling the dance floors are simple and does not require tools or special equipment. Putting together a 20ft x 20ft dance floor takes less than an hour with 2 people (usually!). Our portable dance floors are simple to maintain and will last you for years with proper care. DanceDeck Dance Floors, Dance Floors DELUXE and Dance Floors PRO portable dance floors are suitable for indoor or outdoor use (in a tent or under a canopy) and ideal for weddings, dances, competitions, concerts, exhibits and other special events where an elegant wood floor is required. Come back next week when we talk about each portable style helping you choose the right flooring solution for you.