Custom Cut Vinyl Back Coir Mats Go HD!

As a well wisher and follower of Canada Mats, you would know by now that we boast of a sizable collection of recessed well matting designed to fit various needs. The star attraction of this line-up is the Vinyl Back Custom Cut Coir Mats! To give a short brief on our celebrity mats - these custom coco mats can be custom cut as per customer requirements to provide the perfect fit. They give commercial space floors a seamless, clean and plush look. Additionally, coir is an excellent boot scraper, cleaning out water, dirt and dust from shoe soles and ensuring the insides of commercial premises remain clean. These custom cut coir mats are available on Canada Mats in 5 different thicknesses – 1/2 inch coir mat, 5/8 inch coir mat, 3/4 inch coir mat, 1 inch coir mat and 1-1/4 inch coir mat. These mats in themselves are pretty awesome... but, we've got some news! Yes, we've taken our star coir entrance mats and made them even bigger stars... Our Vinyl Back Custom Cut Coir Mats are now also available in a High Density (HD) variant - we proudly welcome the 'super-star' attraction of our recessed well matting/custom cut mat line-up! Our High Density (HD) Custom Cut Coco Mats bring you a product that is the best of two worlds - an eco-friendly material combined with the firm surface of synthetic fibre. The HD Custom Cut Coir Mats comes with stronger and more enhanced performance capabilities while at the same time providing a richer and more luxurious look; so that you do not have to sacrifice gorgeous looks and elegance for the sake of functionality at the entrance. Wheelchair accessibility is a big upgrade on the HD Custom Cut Coir Mats over the regular grade custom cut coir mats. The high density of coconut husk fibres in the same area size combined with a special fibre glass scrim embedded backing that is less susceptible to stretching creates an overall firmer and more stable surface level. The firmer surface allows wheeled objects to pass through without digging into the fibres of the coco mats. These HD Vinyl Back Custom Cut Coir Mats are available on Canada Mats in a natural coconut husk fibre color and 3 different thicknesses – 5/8 inch HD coir mat, 3/4 inch HD coir mat, 1 inch HD coir mat. So yes, as with our regular grade Custom Cut Coco Mats, the HD variants are also available in stock sizes as well as custom sizes. You can order for a precision cut, perfectly sized, eco-friendly Coir Mat directly on the site at the click of a mouse. You can choose the width and length you want and we cut the mat to your specifications up to an 1/8 inch precision. Even if you do not have a recessed area but you like our custom cut coco mat for a level surface; we can cut the mat to your specifications and edge the mat with a heavy duty beveled edging. And though you can order the perfect mat online, if you need anymore details or information on the mats, the sizing options, pricing or you simply want to talk to us feel free to call us at 604-628-7791 or email us at If you want to look at the other options we have for recessed well matting, come on over and take a look at